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    webspace ?!

    may it would be a cool too ofer people freee NO-ADs webspace .. totaly free .... but hust around 5 megs or so .. that would be cool .. so every budy could get his own homepage .. but the clou would be that the server will run on os x ... may its a bad idea ... i just wanted too post...
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    need help !!!!! PLEASE !!!!!

    hey dude, nice youre reading this ;) ok, here is my problem: -i live in europe, swizerland ... here the most people dont talk english .. exept me :) so .. im relay hard overhinking about buying a european ver. of os X ! but somebody told me the german (eruropean) version would have...
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    partition !?!?

    hmm, i am kinda new too al that os x thing ... now i tryed too instal x on a computer in our house ... but i think i destroyed the computer ... however, all ya guys are talkin about "partition"... :confused: i think that is a kind like splitting uo the HD .. right ? :( if yes .. how do i...
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    ICQ !!!

    hey there .. this my first post .. just wanted, too ask if there is a icq for mac os x ???