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    ADC has 10.1 Dev Tools!

    I started a download last night. It got about 80% complete and then froze. I haven't been able to connect again this morning. I think the ADC must have crashed from the load.
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    Oh, No! No Developer CD in the Update CD!?

    The dev tools 10.1 is now available: (registration required) Yeah!
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    Oh, No! No Developer CD in the Update CD!?

    If someone would be kind enough to share their copy of the new Developer tools 10.1 CD with us poor souls who are stuck without a compiler, I would consider them my hero and try to pass along the favor...
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    USB Printing (HP)

    I was able to compile the printer drivers for the HP USB as described above. It works with my HP 895cse. The output is slightly smaller than normal, but readable. I am able to print, but just once. After one page has been printed, the print center will no longer work and just freezes if...
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    Sstem Disk Shortcut

    Does anyone know if there is a to switch the Startup Disk from the command line? The GUI way takes so long... and I'm so impatient. I am running OS X and OS 9 on separate drives. Thanks, - Devon
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    PHP & MySQL Issues (connecting)

    I have noticed that when I am using the MySQL client, SQL requests from PHP will fail. But when I am not logged in, PHP works fine. This probably has to do with the weird threading support for MySQL on OS X. Try using the PHP script while not logged in to the MySQL client. You might...