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  1. bbloke

    Happy New Year!

    It seems very quiet in here! :p
  2. bbloke

    Happy New Year!

    Happy New Year, everyone! I hope 2020 gets off to a good start for you all.
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  4. bbloke

    Which Whiskey you like?

    Which bit, the whisky or the gin? :)
  5. bbloke

    Did You Get One?

    An old thread, but I thought I'd chip in! I was initially thinking the Apple Watch was a bit of an unnecessary toy and I was not convinced by it in the early days. For various reasons, I eventually decided to try one and I've been impressed! It does help tremendously if you already have an...
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  7. bbloke

    Which Whiskey you like?

    There are many out there (different distilleries and ages), but I've always liked Caol Ila. Glenmorangie tends to be quite gentle if introducing people to whisky. I've also tried Japanese whisky (e.g. Nikka), but not really tried Irish whiskey (note the little quirk: Irish whiskey has the "e"...
  8. bbloke

    Anyone left?

    I'm here occasionally too. Life is very hectic these days, so I am on forums less often than I used to be... Similarly, I'm trying to avoid Catalina. I have several 32-bit apps I really need, unfortunately. Virtualization might be an option, I suppose.
  9. bbloke

    Herve's Bar & Grill

    Lurking... :p
  10. bbloke

    Happy New Year

    Sounds ominous... ;) Good to see you around pds.
  11. bbloke

    Happy New Year

    Happy New Year (2019), everyone!
  12. bbloke

    Why I'll never use

    Out of interest, has anyone tried Veertu?
  13. bbloke

    I hate the new online Media!

    It wasn't the most interesting article I've ever read, but it didn't anger me either. I think I'm missing something.
  14. bbloke

    Environmental concerns

    To be honest, I'm often puzzled by perceptions that scientists are quite so divided on the subject. The following is not an attack on anyone here, I assure you, it's only that this subject sometimes surprises me and I wonder about the origins. True, there are and always will be disagreements...
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    Olympics - London 2012

    What have people here made of the Olympics? Have you been following it on the TV or even managed to be there in person? I was fortunate enough to be able to attend in person on a couple of days and have to say I was pleasantly surprised by it all, especially as I had been fairly pessimistic...
  19. bbloke

    The Shard

    Yuck. It really doesn't seem to fit in very well at all, although that can be said for other, recent constructions too. Then again, this article suggests the Shard might fit quite well... ;)
  20. bbloke

    Is Apple overcharging non US customers?

    I know I'm digressing, but I wanted to say it is good to see you around again, Viro. :)