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    Lowest End Machine for OSX

    Personally, I got a used rev. A Blueberry iBook with 160megs of Ram and 3Gb hard disk for a little over $1,000 just a bit before the new iBooks were released. A first revision iBook is the ass end of the performance curve, but it runs quite acceptably for my uses with the 160Mb of RAM so if...
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    Classic is nothin' - it's all TruBlueEnvironment

    I'm not sure that I agree with this completely. This is pure speculation on my part, but I think that "Classic" is a rudimentary shell that lauches Mac OS 9 and then performs the actions that a Mac OS 9 Finder would perform (though without putting up any sort of screen display). To kill...
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    Taking screenshots

    Use the "Grab" application that Mac OS X installs. Despite its name it's not in the "Grab Bag" folder. It's in the "Utilities" folder. As I recall the app has three modes, * Window * Screen * Timed When one of these options is selected a dialog box appears telling you what to do to take...
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    A Centered Menu Bar

    I'm not saying that a centered menu bar would be "useful" but it would be more aesthetically conforming. The Mac OS X user interface design guidelines specifically tell programmers to re-do all of their old "strongly top-left layouts" to be centered. In Apple's designs you'll notice that...
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    Is the OS 9 finder carbonized? if it is forget Aqua!!

    If what you really want is a "Classic" Mac OS style Finder and no Aquafied interface then the product you want has already been released. It's called Mac OS X Server and has been out for what will be about two years when Mac OS X client actually ships. It's not the Finder as we know it today...
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    Documenting Kernel Panics.....

    There was a LONG thread about this sort of thing on the Darwin mailing list, especially how to get quality info that isn't itself corrupted. There aren't any reliable tools in Darwin or Mac OS X right now, but if you can use gdb to get a trace or core then it might make some developers happy :-)
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    Dock trick

    Does this work for everything? I thought I'd tried it on the "Mac OS X Feedback" URL springy-icon-thing that's in the dock originally but it didn't work. It seemed that no key combination would do anything other than launch IE and take one to the URL.
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    how do i see how much RAM is being used?

    The whole concept of an app "using memory" is a whole lot less significant these days under Mac OS X than under Mac OS 9. In Mac OS 9 everything was doled out in very brittle heaps when an app was launched. You had to worry about fragmentation of the memory space and how your app would fit...
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    Software and Games for Mac OS X

    Let's see. Glider Pro runs for a while but then freezes up mysteriously. From what I can see the mouse pointer is not visible so it's difficult to force quit the app. Crystal Caliburn doesn't run at all, but then it didn't run on Mac OS 9 either. Crystal Quest runs but strangely enough...
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    We need simple things !!!

    I think we differ in our opinions on the issue of syntax coloring. Syntax coloring is not a "simple" feature and when I think of a text editor I don't want this sort of "feature" in my way. Syntax coloring requires that your text editor know what language you are writing AND that the language is...
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    the html and text editors?

    Actually, the Cocoa version of Stickies that is included in Mac OS X is better than SimpleText. You can have styled text, graphics, even use a spell checker. It totally rocks. I've seen some people bitc... err... complaining about missing the Notepad application from Mac OS 9. I have no idea...
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    developer tools available for download

    The tools are available for "free" but I'd strongly suggest anyone who's interested in toying around with them to pay the $400 and get the Select membership (or the $99 Student membership if eligible). $400 is a lot of money for someone like me who doesn't write Apple software for a living...
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    When the Beta expires, will people be hosed?

    Mac OS X Public Beta is for testing purposes. That's an issue that's been well drilled into our heads in any discussion of Mac OS X since the first release of Rhapsody. My guess is that Apple's release of the final version of Mac OS X will have an "updater" to updgrade only: 1. Mac OS 8.6 -...
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    When is the next OSX update?

    It's been publicly stated by Apple employees on the public MRJ mailing list that there are major updates for the Java layer of Mac OS X that just barely missed being included in the public beta. There is a strong desire by the development team to get these fixes out to the users of the public...
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    GUI Suggestions (screenshot)

    Okay, it looks like you've made the Apple Menu a "drag and drop" target. How do you add something to the Apple menu? How do you remove something from the Apple menu? Is this consistent with the behavior of other menus? You've move the contents of the old System menu to the far right...
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    OS X & Case-Sensitive Unix Commands

    Traditionally, Unix is case sensitive when referring to everything. The calculation muscle that it takes to convert things to be case insensitive was more many Unix programmers thought was worthwhile. Now with the advent of Unicode and just what constitutes upper and lowercase in foreign...
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    Mac OS X Server Patch?

    Not suprisingly most of the info on this board is about Mac OS X Public Beta, but I have a question about Mac OS X Server (the Rhapsody based OS that's been shipping for over a year). There was apparently an update to version 1.2 of Server, but all I am able to find is an update to version...
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    ScreenSaver does support passwords.

    There are two ways to enable a password. One hard. One easy. The easy way is to change the language to French or German, put in a password, and change the language back to English.
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    impenetrable OSX?

    I have some concerns about the default suite of daemons and ports that are turned on as "standard" but unless these are items that are required to be running (for something like the NetInfo tool to find your MacOS X neighbors) I think it's worthy to report your concern to Apple, but I wouldn't...
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    developer tools available for download

    What are some good resources to learn how to use the tools and get started with programming for Mac OS X? Obviously if you're waiting on these tools then you're planning on doing Cocoa development. (MPW, CodeWarrior, and the plain gcc tools have been around a while) Apple seems to have big...