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  1. ITz The MaN

    My computer works funny after waking from sleep

    I can't put my computer to sleep anymore because of this problem: When the computer goes to sleep on its own, it doesn't seem to want to wake back up. When i put it to sleep, iTunes doesn't quit, and it crashes within a min of trying to put it back to sleep. I don't have this problem under os 9...
  2. ITz The MaN

    Print sharing over SAMBA

    What is the spool path to use to share a USB printer on OSX over samba? should i leave it at the default /tmp path, or maybe a path like /var/spool/ ?? Does print sharing even work on os x?
  3. ITz The MaN

    Loging into Samba from Win98

    How can I configure SAMBA (prefrebly with SWAT) to allow my win98 computer to login to my Mac running Samba Sever? My mac shows up in the network neighborhood, but I can't login. It would be nice to eather have guest access without a password and/or user access that allows me to login as a user...
  4. ITz The MaN

    Problem signing on with GAIM

    Every time I try to log on with GAIM it says "unable to sign on: Unable to Connect." Any solutions? By the way, I got it from along with 2 libs (i got gtk from fink i think).
  5. ITz The MaN

    VISE installers require authentication

    The newest VISE installers for os x that I have come across (DAVE, VPC 1.05, and Toast) have all required authentication. After I authenticate, the installer crashes then comes back up asking for authentication again. It does this again and again untill I press cancel. This doesnt happen with...
  6. ITz The MaN

    VISE installers

    I've tryed 3 different VISE installers under os x (VPC, DAVE, and Toast). All of them ask for authentication, crash, come back, ask for autentication to change CoreSerivices, and keep crashing and asking for authentication untill you press cancel. Any solutions? What could be the problem?
  7. ITz The MaN

    USB dies after a while

    Every once in a while, I loose all usb support (keybord and mouse is all i've noticed so far). It seems looks like this usually happens when programs put a little bit too much pressure on the prossesor, or when I try to switch to another window. Maybe something with iTunes (it's always open)...
  8. ITz The MaN

    Uninstalling WebObjects

    I just finnished installing WebObjects, expecting to be able to fool around with it. I found it is taking too much space and has installed a whole bunch of startup crap and now I don't want it any more! How can I get rid of it?? By the way, if anyone is interested in getting it, u can get it...
  9. ITz The MaN

    What server?

    Are there any unix tools to find out what server software a web server is running? For example, you would type in "" and it would tell you is running apache. I've found a website that would tell you what server software a site was running, but I can't find it now. Are any such...
  10. ITz The MaN

    Sharing iTunes Playlist w/ OS 9 & X

    You can replace the iTunes playlist in OS x with an alias to the one in OS 9. This way you don't have to update each one separately! This is kinda obvious, but I'm sure there are some people who didn't think of this one..... ;)
  11. ITz The MaN

    TechTool Pro and OS X

    Does TechTool Pro mess up an os x partition like Norton Utilities 5 does?
  12. ITz The MaN

    Changing the Window Manager on X windows

    Does any one know how to make x windows start up with a different window manager? I realy hate twm. I downloaded and installed Afterstep, and the new Xfree86 comes with Gnome (i think), but I can't get them to run! Thanx! [Edited by ITz The MaN on 12-26-2000 at 07:40 PM]
  13. ITz The MaN

    Print Center not working!

    Every time I start up print center on any user (even admin) other than root, it gives me an error saying: "Print Center must run with administrator privileges." Then in smaller font it sais: "The print center software is not configured correctly. Please check and, if necessary, reinstall your...
  14. ITz The MaN

    Installer Does not find Hard Drive!

    A while ago I started having a problem using the installer app. Anything I tryed to install could not find a hard drive to intall itself into! I know many other people have this problem too. Has anyone found out a way to fix this, or another way of installing apps? Anything?
  15. ITz The MaN

    X windows on os x

    What is the best way to use X windows on os X, and how can I get it on my machine?! And once I do get it, can I use X windows programs compiled for Intel or do I have to recompile them for my PPC? Thanx!
  16. ITz The MaN

    Debug mode.....

    Many people have been saying that the debuging in mac os x is slowing it down.... while snooping around my computer (to set up annonomous ftp) i found a file in the folder /System/Library/Frameworks/System.framework/Versions/B/System called "System_debug." I was wondering if this file has...
  17. ITz The MaN

    Is the internet going slower?

    Ever since i started using mac os x, I noticiced that the internet is much slower. Normally I could download at about 80k to 90k on my DSL, now I barely get 40k!!! Has anoyone else noticed this with their broadband connections? Is the internet just slowing down now with all the fast connections...
  18. ITz The MaN

    Annonomouse login with OS X ftp server?

    I want to put up an ftp server so that my friends can veiw and download files from the public folder. I want it so that they can log in annonomously, and make it so that the home folder is the public folder. Does anyone know how to do this?
  19. ITz The MaN

    Compile Source Code to Cocoa?

    Is there any way to compile source code for a unix app into a Cocoa app? How about linux source code? Maby somehow using the apple dev tools (which i already have installed)?
  20. ITz The MaN

    Some Cool Tricks for OS X!

    I found that resexcellence has a cool page with a bunch of tricks for os x ( I looked at the part that tells you how to change your startup screen, and I wondered if you can replace it with a movie or something (I heard from someone that his friend...