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    Keyboard shortcuts inactive

    Has anyone every noticed how the critical keyboard shortcuts such as space for free-browse or option for zoom in/out in programs like Freehand, Photoshop, or Fireworks stop working after a while? I have tracked it down to be related to my computer going to sleep and when it wakes up the...
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    Romeo: FREE app for T68i remote controlling Macs

    crash, I like simple. I like opening an application and it's there. The user interface is elegant. I also think that programs like these don't lend themselves well to making a lot of money for the programmer so they should be free.
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    $1 a song by Apple

    Let's put aside the discussion around price - I am more concerned about Apple diversifying its' product and service offering even more. Most business that loose their focus and core business end up having to take a big loss at some point. This can only mean one of two things: 1. Apple...
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    Romeo: FREE app for T68i remote controlling Macs

    Thanks for the link. This little gem is TONS better than Clicker. for everyone out there with a T68i - download this program and forget about Clicker. Especially cool is the ability to use the joystick as the mouse. Pretty unreal. Interface is also a lot better although you have to run the...
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    Sony DRU500AX compatible with iDVD?

    Does anyone know if the new Sony DRU500AX writer will work with a new G4 Mac and iDVD? Thanks, any feedback appreciated. G
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    Replacement Cases for Tibooks?

    Several of my friends have TiBooks and I have seen them deteriorate framatically over time. I have noticed that paint is starting to come off around the edges of my Tibook 667 as well and am wondering if it is possible to purchase a new enclosure from somewhere. Apple once replaced my enclosure...
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    QuickTime 7 Video Conferencing

    Heard the rumor that QT 7 will FINALLY come with video conferencing? Can anyone confirm that? I had posted my dire need for a decent os x based video conferencing sw but so far everything is substandard. If so, anyone have a release day for QT 7? G
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    Online chat software (prefferably PHP) recommendations?

    I have had good experiences with Flash Remoting as a platform for developing this kind of stuff. Especially cool because you can go way beyong the possibilities of HTML, i.e. messaging, automatically refreshing parts of the screen etc. Don't know if there are any ready made solutions out there...
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    How come nobody mentioned this? ColdFusion on OSX?

    Yes, JRUN is the application server and you buy ColdFusion FOR JRUN. That's how licensing works. And it's true, the price is a bit steep but I look at it from a developer's perspective: I have a Tibook and can now do the development AND design work on the Mac. Try to develop Flash Remoting on a...
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    has anyone tried the iTrip already?

    Question: is it illegal to manufacture AND distribute devices that operate with more power or is it also illegal with the do-it-yourself approach? I wouldn't mind stopping by at Radio Shack to boost m iRock up.. hehe
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    How come nobody mentioned this? ColdFusion on OSX?

    To sum it all up: ColdFusion is an application server that allows you to deploy dynamic and database driven websites. It like .ASP from Microsoft except much easier. JRUN is a Java based application server which does pretty much the same. The only difference is that you use J@EE Java and Java...
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    How come nobody mentioned this? ColdFusion on OSX?

    I usually visiti all the time but for the first time in a while I haven't and can you believe it - they release ColdFusion MX for OSX!!!!! This is AMAZING news and I can't believe I haven't read the news in any forum on (which I check more frequently than...
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    Mac OSX Webcam Drivers

    I am currently using the beta drivers from ioexperts. I have no idea why Apple doesn't provide these drivers by default (or why Logitech doesn't make them available) but I can live with a third party solution. The real question is: when will there be a serious Video Conferencing software for...
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    Software Update error?

    That same thing happens to me all the time. The one thing I noticed is that it doesn't occur so much on a freshly installed system with no updates run on it, like an out of the box 10.2.2. Is your current system the result of several updates? G
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    Mac OSX Webcam Drivers

    I bought three Logitech USB webcams earlier this year but much to my dismay I never successfuly found a working video conferencing software for Mac OS X. Am I the only one who would like to use OS X for video conferencing and feels like the vid. conf. market on the mac is totally under served...
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    Hey, maybe Steve DOES read us here? Hehe... I remember bitching about the $50 as well... G
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    My experience with the iRock is that it varies greatly in transmission quality. For one, the range is never 30 feet - NEVER. When the batteries are completed new the device will work somehow reliably within 10 feet. In my car (Z3) I get great reception because the car is small. In a lexus or...
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    safari not so Hot(mail)

    On a related note, I can't even access my firewall settings anymore using Safari and that is just a plain HTML page with one input field and a submit button. Pretty weak if you ask me. G