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  1. Da_iMac_Daddy

    Mac Mail - Timeout settings?

    Has anyone found a method of increasing the timeout setting for Mac Mail? I work at a large hosting provider and find that if a customer's inbox is say, over 10MB, Mac Mail can't handle the download. Checking Apples support articles it doesn't seem that they have a setting for this in Mac...
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    Google groups...

  3. Da_iMac_Daddy

    PHP and XML?

  4. Da_iMac_Daddy

    iPod Linux Woes

    I'm having difficulties with my iPod starting up and not being able to find it's system files. I have an iMac at my parents house, no room for it around here and that is what I used to upload songs onto my iPod. I'm trying to access the iPod from my laptop running Slackware (which shouldn't be a...
  5. Da_iMac_Daddy

    Apple using DMCA?

    Why Apple why? BTW: I've just read horrible things about the DMCA and I wish Apple wouldn't support it. I have no problem with Apple stopping these people from making the software, but I wish they wouldn't have used the DMCA to back...
  6. Da_iMac_Daddy

    Microsoft Free

    I just wanted to announce that even though I have purchased a PC laptop (school purposes). I no longer need to use any Microsoft products because I have successfully installed Slackware linux . I'm having a great time messing with this stuff. :D
  7. Da_iMac_Daddy

    In need of graphic designer.

    My dad has just informed me that I will be building him a new web site. Unfortunately the only thing I cannot do is graphic design. I am horrible with Photoshop, and I don't plan on getting any better (especially since I don't own PS). Now if there is anyone out there who can provide me with a...
  8. Da_iMac_Daddy

    PHP and XML?

    Is there any easy way to use xml documents with php. My webhost only offers me one MySql DB and I don't want to have to go learning how to work a database and mess up the only one I have. Plus I don't need the functionality of a database. I want to have a book list of books I am reading. The...
  9. Da_iMac_Daddy

    CSS Help

    Hey guys, I'm having some trouble with a menu I am working on. Nothing fancy just some divs whose background color changes when you hover over them. But the problem is that I want to adjust the height so that the text has little to no spacing between them and the border. When I use height and...
  10. Da_iMac_Daddy

    Need some space....

    Hey guys I was wondering if any of you could offer me about 200kb of space on one of your servers. Anyone who can help I would appreciate it. Apparently the guy that I am trying to help is computer illiterate and is unable to download WinZip to decompress a file. Oh wait maybe I can send him a...
  11. Da_iMac_Daddy

    Truth on Trial act.

    I just wanted to inform everyone who reads these boards that in November the Truth on Trials act is being voted on in the Senate. This is the first medicinal marijuana bill to make it all the way into the Senate. Here is a link to some information gathered on medicinal marijuana by the White...
  12. Da_iMac_Daddy

    Sanyo 5400 games

    Anyone know where to download games for a sprint sanyo 5400? I haven't seen many places that are really free.
  13. Da_iMac_Daddy

    Windows Programming

    Unfortunately I had to buy a Sony VAIO. I'm pretty satisfied with it. One question though, now that I'm on the dark side are there any cool websites like this one for the other side? Particularly programming websites I am very interested in developing with C++ . Any help or suggestions would be...
  14. Da_iMac_Daddy

    King's Quest 1 on IIGS

    I would LOVE to play King's Quest 1 all over again. Is there any good emulator that I could use to do this?
  15. Da_iMac_Daddy

    C/C++ pointers and strings

    Can someone please use human language to tell me how to use pointers to make a string. Maybe even write a short little line of code that shows me how to recieve input for a string. All the books I'm reading seem pretty cryptic to me when it comes to pointers being used for strings. Thanks in...
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    I've been reading about Buddhism lately and many books and internet resources talk about using meditation on the path to enlightenment. Anyway I want to try meditating but I can't find much information on it. I've checked out and I didn't really find anything maybe I'm not looking...
  17. Da_iMac_Daddy


    I'm going to be attending college starting next monday and my Intro to programming class is based around QBasic. I've had some experience with Basic for my calculator so I'm not worried about that but is there someway to write and test the code on a Mac? Thanx in advance.
  18. Da_iMac_Daddy

    Advice on non Apple laptops

    I need a windows based computer for school. No one needs to tell me that a Mac can do anything a PC can do I know all of it already. I'm taking some programming courses and a prerequisite to some of the classes is an Intro Windows Based OS'. My professor said that I would really need a PC to...
  19. Da_iMac_Daddy

    Need help with some wiring.

    I need to find a way to split a phone line so that I can convert it to the male plug of a mic jack. If anyone has any info on this please let me know. Or if you can direct me to any info on the topic it would be most appreciated.