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    Airport Extreme Problems

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    Airport Extreme Problems

    Two airport extreme base stations. Same problems. Both stations will not allow me to connect to the internet after a random amount of time. The airport has an IP address assigned by verizon DSL, and my computers have IP addresses assigned by the airport DHCP, but i cannot access the interent...
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    Adding Apple Superdrive to an old G4

    I have an original 733 G4 and a MDD dual 1.25 both with superdrives. I wanted to put the drive from the 733 into the dual 1.25 G4 so that I would have two superdrives in one machine. However, it turns out that the older superdrives are longer than the new ones, and the mdd G4's have extremely...
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    Airport Extreme Problems In this article apple says that if your DHCP lease is up, you need ro restart the airport extreme base station? I never had to do this with my graphite or snow stations.
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    Airport Extreme Problems

    I have not used the internet setup, will try that today. The internet is plugged into the WAN port, I have a local network pluged into the LAN port. A note about the brother printer and Rendezvous, when the printer is plugged into a computer directly, it has the name HL_1440 but when it is...
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    all-in-one G3 USB card compatability

    I installed OS 9.2.2 first. I then installed the USB card. All USB extentions needed are in the extentions folder. The card is recognized as a USB card in the apple system profiler, however, no devices show up. When plugging in a USB mouse that has an internal glow, there is no glow. When...
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    Powerbook 12" stuck CD

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    all-in-one G3 USB card compatability

    I have an all-in-one G3. I installed 9.2.2 and a usb card. The brand new USB card did not recognize any USB devices. I pulled a card out of another computer that worked fine, plugged the card into the all-in-one and still nothing. I switched the card between all PCI slots, and nothing worked...
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    Airport Extreme Problems

    I am very frustrated with My Airport Extreme and hope someone can help. Here is the setup. DSL modem, 2 tiPowerbook 800's wireless, and an old all-in-one G3 wired. Brand new airport extreme with the newest software/firmware. The airport at first did not appear in the aiport admin utility, but...
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    Ghost Computers showing up on Network

    Hi, a strange thing has happened to me lately. Multiple copies of my main computer are showing up on the network. My computer is named Peter's OS X G4 and it appears three times when I go to Go->Connect to Server. They are showing up as (my real IP address) and...
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    Revert back to OS 9?

    I have an Epson printer as well which will not work. I heard that they are unsuported. The OS X kept me guessing about this until I read an apple TIL that said only a few USB printers are supported. Which printers are supported? Does anyone know? Thanks, Peter P.
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    Mac OS 9 problems after OS X install

    I trashed the preferences already but it still crashes. I select OS 9 base and then select my settings again, and it crashes. It seems like OS X installed an extention in my extentions folder that crashes my machine if it is moved out of the extentions folder. Does anyone know of something like...
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    Mac OS 9 problems after OS X install

    After installing OS X, OS 9 does not work anymore. I started from OS 9 and it crashed at startup. I then restarted and checked the extentions manager but that crashed. My extentions manager keeps crashing and is useless now. The only way I can access the control panel is by holding down the...