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  1. Jeff Ulrikson

    WYSIWYG HTML Editor OSX Native/Carbon

    Is anyone aware of a WYSIWYG HTML Editor for OSX Native/Carbon? What happened to the HTML Authoring tool that was in APPS in the Developer Previews? What have YOU been using to edit your Web Pages in OSX for the Apache Web Server? Most interested in finding out since I have yet to find...
  2. Jeff Ulrikson


    FLAME ON! Actually I AM an ADC Registered Developer. I'm also an Apple Software Beta Seeding Site. Not that it actually matters. To be frank, it's none of your business and doesn't have ANYTHING to do with my question. Take a CLOSE look at the non-disclosure agreement. Now take a CLOSE look...
  3. Jeff Ulrikson

    Mac OS 9.1 and Build 4K34

    FYI: Build 4K34 has functioning Cassic mode with Mac OS 9.1
  4. Jeff Ulrikson

    PPPoE and Build 4K34

    FYI: Build 4K34 has inbuilt PPPoE that WORKS...
  5. Jeff Ulrikson

    OpenGL Video Drivers for ATI non-128

    Anyone know how to install video hardware drivers for OpenGL in MaccOS X? Apparently Apple didn't provide any for the ATI Rage Pro (Standard in the Rev C and D iMacs). They only provided drivers for the ATI128 (Standard in everything since the Rev D).
  6. Jeff Ulrikson

    OpenGL Problems with Rev D iMac

    ¸?? ?that any time I attempt to use an Application that uses hardware rendering (IE: OpenGL), I end up with a BLACK screen. I can tell that the app lis running, because I can still hear sound. Software renders are fine. For example Omni's Quake III and Bugdom. I've followed Omni's...