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  1. ITz The MaN

    My computer works funny after waking from sleep

    Sorry, I forgot to mention that I reset the PRAM too.
  2. ITz The MaN

    My computer works funny after waking from sleep

    I can't put my computer to sleep anymore because of this problem: When the computer goes to sleep on its own, it doesn't seem to want to wake back up. When i put it to sleep, iTunes doesn't quit, and it crashes within a min of trying to put it back to sleep. I don't have this problem under os 9...
  3. ITz The MaN

    Applescript: Batch add file extension

    Thanx man, i've been looking for a script that would do this job for a couple months now. If only I had a good straight forward applescipt guide that just gave the commands and an example... rather than all that bull in the tutorials (i get bored very fast) so I could learn myself to do that...
  4. ITz The MaN

    "sudo" since Security Update from Apple

    So how could I open an app as root without logging out? This new update is annoying.
  5. ITz The MaN

    Loging into Samba from Win98

    I used SSCT before. It not nearly as compleat of a smb config tool as swat.
  6. ITz The MaN

    Print sharing over SAMBA

    What is the spool path to use to share a USB printer on OSX over samba? should i leave it at the default /tmp path, or maybe a path like /var/spool/ ?? Does print sharing even work on os x?
  7. ITz The MaN

    Loging into Samba from Win98

    How can I configure SAMBA (prefrebly with SWAT) to allow my win98 computer to login to my Mac running Samba Sever? My mac shows up in the network neighborhood, but I can't login. It would be nice to eather have guest access without a password and/or user access that allows me to login as a user...
  8. ITz The MaN

    Accessing Windows drives etc on 10.1?

    I finaly solved my problem! I'm pretty sure many others have had this problem too... When you go to Connect, you type in smb://workgroup;username@host/share_name You have to put in a username (doesnt matter what it is if the PC doesn't have multiple users) for "host" you put the computer...
  9. ITz The MaN

    Windows Networking

    in finder press the go button, then connect to server. Type in smb://user@host/share I havn't gotten this to work yet (probably because I'm not very familiar with windows networking or maybe because my pc has win 98), but it should work. If anyone knows more about SMB shares, please help :).
  10. ITz The MaN

    5g48 Update .... NOT!

    If you read About_Mac_OS_X_10.1_Seed.pdf you'd know that you would have to burn the image onto a CD ;)
  11. ITz The MaN

    Puma 10.1 G40

    I'd like to hear how well it runs on a g3 system (lower end.... maybe 300mhz).
  12. ITz The MaN

    MS Office 10 for OS X

    Hey guys, you know our great mac os x finder? guess what? Carbon! Go ahead and try it under classic. Awww, doesn't work? Too bad
  13. ITz The MaN

    Problem signing on with GAIM

    Every time I try to log on with GAIM it says "unable to sign on: Unable to Connect." Any solutions? By the way, I got it from along with 2 libs (i got gtk from fink i think).
  14. ITz The MaN

    RAM for OS X

    are there any drawbacks to using pc133 ram in my b&w 300mhz g3? I can't find any 256mb pc100 ram for a good price.
  15. ITz The MaN

    RAM Disks under OSX?

    Well, you can recompile your kernal if u want..... Just download the Darwin source from apple (they still have it up there, dont they?). All the bare system stuff is in there.
  16. ITz The MaN

    VISE installers require authentication

    The newest VISE installers for os x that I have come across (DAVE, VPC 1.05, and Toast) have all required authentication. After I authenticate, the installer crashes then comes back up asking for authentication again. It does this again and again untill I press cancel. This doesnt happen with...
  17. ITz The MaN

    VISE installers

    I've tryed 3 different VISE installers under os x (VPC, DAVE, and Toast). All of them ask for authentication, crash, come back, ask for autentication to change CoreSerivices, and keep crashing and asking for authentication untill you press cancel. Any solutions? What could be the problem?
  18. ITz The MaN

    Macwold NY annoucement.. What do you think.........

    the cd drive doesnt look like its actually there. Who ever did it is good with photoshop or something. Its a cinima display with those speakers that came with the cube (forgot the name), and the slot loading cd drive from the cube. Also, how could you fit in the harddrive and still have room for...
  19. ITz The MaN

    Macwold NY annoucement.. What do you think.........

    Those are FAKE! Just look at the slot loading cd drive.... doesnt look too real to me. I've seen a few sites that make pictures like this (they all look realy real and pretty cool), but they are fake. If I come accross the site, I'll b sure to post a link.
  20. ITz The MaN

    Please help fast, I can hardly wait

    apple didnt put instructions to go with their computers because os x is not exactly done. If it was, they would be making the new macs start off booting to os x. they thought that you should be smart enough to use a mac before messing with os x. i've heard os x final being called os x pb2....