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  1. mi5moav

    Iphone and the 3G quicktime convertor

    So, with us now being able to create 3G content for our iphones what are the killer apps that are gonna come out? With WiFi and 3G I can create a presentation, driving directions, to do lists and visual instructions for my Associates. Anything that I have as .avi or .mov or .mpg or whatever...
  2. mi5moav

    Could this be new Quicktime layout

    Apple really needs to hit hard to compete with Flash, hopefully this link with this newly designed player controls may be something will be seeing more of... really clean really intuitive.
  3. mi5moav

    HP Apple Partnership

  4. mi5moav

    Yahoo Messenger 3.0!!!!!!!!

    Yes, it isn't quite Apple related but this is probably more amazing then Apple releasing an iphone or Apple switching to Intel.
  5. mi5moav

    Ipod July 4th, 2006

    Ipod Freedom release Date July 4th, 2006 The new Ipod has no buttons, no scroll wheel, no headphone jack, no dock connector. In other words freedom from everything. The most aesthetic piece of technology ever conceived. 1. Power Supply through SplashPower. Similar to those toothbrushes...
  6. mi5moav

    FinalCut Express 3.5 HD new??

    Is this new... the page is a mess, right now. Ok, they fixed the page... I guess I just got there to early. looking pretty darn good for the QT HD/HD tomorrow... can't wait. will be the first in line before our trip to New Zealand.
  7. mi5moav

    T-mobile and Itunes

    I don't read, speak or swear in German so if someone could please translate, and are those the original headphones?,4855,2963-_4666-0-1-0,00.html
  8. mi5moav

    QT 7.1 now available

    I apologize to everyone for letting the cat out of the bag a little to early today. I have already had to wash my mouth out with soap.
  9. mi5moav

    Filemaker IPO in the cards?

    So, what is going to happen to our wonderful sister company Filemaker? This bad girl has been tearing up the small to medium sized business market for the past five years and there doesn't seem to be any stopping her, especially with Apple, er Filemaker creating these wonderfull little starter...
  10. mi5moav

    No, new products from Apple in over 5 YEARS!!

    I really think that Apple hasn't a clue what they want to do. They have like 9 Billion in Cash and the only new product they have come up with in the last 5 years is a small music player? I still bleed six colors, but this is getting a bit ridiculous. If it wasn't for the ipod, I don't know what...
  11. mi5moav

    New Apple TV spot (pc virus)

    hmmmm...the wife wasn't to thrilled about it... thought the guy was kinda cute though.
  12. mi5moav

    Apple at NAB lights, CAMERAS, action...

    While a friend of mine was cleaning out one of the restrooms in the South Hall at NAB yesterday he said "boys you are gonna be pretty happy at what Apple is going to be pulling out of there xxx's tomorrow!!! Well, hopefully either tomorrow or Wednesday but anyway something, good. He said there...
  13. mi5moav

    BootCamp run Windows on Mac

    Well, I guess it's time to buy a mac...what can't it do?
  14. mi5moav

    Imovie for Windows and... new video camera

    Well, the way that the Apple store(online) has been clearing out all it's mid priced video cameras for the past month one would have to either assume Apple is going out of buisiness, new models are coming in or... Apple has there own video camera lined up and ready to go in the next few days or...