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  1. acidtuch10

    iLife 09 Powermac G5 install issues.

    I tried to install a different pkg which failed as well. So I backed up everything re-installed the OS and had no issues installing iLife or any other application after that. So i must have had something incorrect with the OS, how I have no clue. Thanks everyone for the ideas.
  2. acidtuch10

    iLife 09 Powermac G5 install issues.

    Tried safe mode and the installer produces the same error. This is a fresh install. Two powermac G5, one the install worked great and the other one I get this error. Safe mode failed to the same error. Run the individual packages from the CD and I get an error that it need to run from the...
  3. acidtuch10

    iLife 09 Powermac G5 install issues.

    Has anyone ever had this issue? Previously i read of "itunes helper" that causes this to not install and produce this error. However the activity monitor shows no helper running. This is a PowerMac G5 with 10.5.8 installed Any ideas?
  4. acidtuch10

    News-Group reader

  5. acidtuch10

    OS X contextual menu image preview

    Looking for an OS X contextual menu image preview - Something similar to fruitmenu from unsanity - but I am looking for something that is free can anyone point me in the right direction? Thank you
  6. acidtuch10

    RR Dial Access removal

    Happy Holidays everyone..... I installed Roadrunner dial access on my ibook, since then though I have canceled my service and am using another ISP... But the RR software does not come with an uninstaller. So when you go to internet connect Road runner seems to be hard coded in there, with...
  7. acidtuch10

    Imac internet connection problems

    with older OS's like 8.6 I had to use the gateway (your rour Ip) and the DNS from your ISP provider. Hope that helps
  8. acidtuch10

    will 10.4 run fine on old laptop?

    Running 10.4.1 on a Dual USB Ibook 500mhz with 640 Ram, It runs fine, great for surfin and the casual apps.... I wouldn't go encoding avi files or anything :-)
  9. acidtuch10

    clear clipboard

    OK - thanks
  10. acidtuch10

    clear clipboard

    Does anyone know how to clear the clipboard in 10.4.1? I have searched numerous forum and am unable to find an answer. Thanks
  11. acidtuch10

    Biege X 2

    For sale $50 for both and everything else - you pick up from area code 63026. Two beige computers, both boot and run good. 1 - is a 233mhz , Internal ZIP 100, Floppy CD ROM, 2 gig and a 3 gig ATA drives, 128 MB ram, OS8.6 2 - is a 333mhz running @ 400mhz, 384 MB of Ram, 4 gigs ATA and 2...
  12. acidtuch10

    Blue and White G3 - OSX or OS9?

    I am running a B&W 400mhz G3 with 1 gig of ram. ATI 7000 Radeon video card Two hard drives, a 20 with OS9 installed and a 30 with OSX installed both attached to a Accard ATA controller --- The thing runs great! And is awesome for storage, server duties and browsing… Once I encoded a DVD –...
  13. acidtuch10


    I guess the reason is just to learn alittle more, I understand that I can install alternative window managers on OS X - Just thought it would be neat to have the B&W booting OS9 and OS X along with Darwin with gnome. The only how tos and docs I can find are from FINKS web site. Just thought...
  14. acidtuch10


    Unable to find anything using the search… So a few questions and maybe someone can help? I have a B&W with OS9 and OS X installed and a 9gig SCSI as a DATA drive. But would like to install open Darwin on this. 1. Once installed can the start up panel in OS9 or OS X be used to boot open...
  15. acidtuch10

    I tunes Smart playlist

    Does anyone know of a script or app that will add " Add to smart playlist" when I right click on a album or group of songs with in my main libarary view? I think it'll be allot easier for me verse using keyboard commands or going through the menu bar. I just want to right click and select...
  16. acidtuch10

    New HardDisk on G4 MDD

    Any ATA drive will work, try and get the 7200 RPM with 8 Meg cache. But any Maxtor or seagate will work.
  17. acidtuch10

    Beige + 20' Monitor + Scanner

    Lower price of $150 :-)
  18. acidtuch10

    Beige + 20' Monitor + Scanner

    For sale in the St Louis area. Due to the size and weight of these I prefer not to ship. Beige G3 400 MHZ oc'd stable 2 gig SCSI Drive ( OS 9 ) 6 gig ATA Drive 384 Megs of ram ATTO SCSI Card 50/68 pin IX Micro Video card 8mb ATI Rage pro on the mother board with 6 megs of VRAM ( The...
  19. acidtuch10

    Will Apple get rid of the OS 9 emulator?

    Darkshadow - Could you point me to the information needed to run "mac on Linux" with in OS X or what you had to do to get it running? Thanks