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  1. Lazzo

    Scrappy video signal

    Hi, I haven't been round here for some time, I'm back because I've got a problem.:D It's video trouble. The equipment: Dual 2GH G5, 1.5Gb RAM, three years old Mitsubishi Diamond Plus 220 Radeon 9800 Mac edition, three years old. I hope no-one minds if I point you at a thread in another...
  2. Lazzo

    Quicktime 6.0.3 & OS9

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    That was supposed to be for Bugs Bunny, something went wrong
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  12. Lazzo

    What 3D Animation Package Should We Use?

    I'd forgotten about Dimensions - it's cheap, too, only £75 over here. Glad you got what you wanted, redlinzus - keep the clients happy!
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  15. Lazzo

    Font Management on 10.2

    I've got the plug-in installed for Illustrator, but it's designation is 3.1.1b1 so I presume it's a beta and doesn't like Illus 10.
  16. Lazzo

    What 3D Animation Package Should We Use?

    This is a hard one for you, one false move and your client will start looking at you through squinty eyes. I had the same thing a couple of years ago - not much 3D experience or skills and four weeks to complete the job or some of the work would slide away. After two days 'research' I settled...
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  18. Lazzo

    Font Management on 10.2

    Same here, twister. Whether it's because Diamondsoft still have to produce a plug-in for Macromedia apps or it's something to do with the apps themselves I don't know. It doesn't work for my Illustrator either. Maybe like some other software makers, they're waiting for OSX to 'mature' before...
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  20. Lazzo

    Font Management on 10.2

    Hi terran, here's my experience: I tried Suitcase but it didn't seem to function as it should, involved a lot of fiddling around, crashed a lot and sometimes with a client here which at least gave them a laugh. In fifteen years there never was a stable version of Suitcase anyway. Never...