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  1. Lazzo

    Scrappy video signal

    Hi, I haven't been round here for some time, I'm back because I've got a problem.:D It's video trouble. The equipment: Dual 2GH G5, 1.5Gb RAM, three years old Mitsubishi Diamond Plus 220 Radeon 9800 Mac edition, three years old. I hope no-one minds if I point you at a thread in another...
  2. Lazzo

    Quicktime 6.0.3 & OS9

  3. Lazzo

    Acrobat 6...

    Dear Adobe, The next time you make a programme called 'Acrobat 6 Professional', please make it professional enough that I don't have to launch two separate programmes to make and view PDFs. Thanking you in advance, Mr. I. Abit-Strainge, London
  4. Lazzo

    QX 5 spellcheck blanking

    Ho hum. Sigh. Deep, deep sigh. Does anyone know how to stop Xpress v5 blanking out pages when using the spellchecker? Side note: anyone who hasn't seen it, take a look at about Xpress 6. Here we go again!
  5. Lazzo

    Quicktime 6.0.3 & OS9

    'lo! As Apple moves further away from OS9, is Quicktime becoming less friendly with it? I only ask because somebody over here is having a problem with movie soundtracks; some run OK and others don't make any noise at all. He's running 9.0.4 International English.
  6. Lazzo

    UK news article

    For those of us hungry to read everything, here's a more favourable response in the UK to Apple's latest move as opposed to all the bench-mark bashing that's been going on, but Quark loses out again:
  7. Lazzo


    Faaaaaantastic! Just what we all need - VAT on digital services from July 1. This'll kill off a new client and probably kybosh some of my future income. Typical, today is the first I've heard about it. Now I know why an established client has put their web site to sleepy-bye. So that makes...
  8. Lazzo

    PowerLook 1120 Photo Firewire question

    Hi folks, I've just purchased a PowerLook 1120 Firewire scanner to run with my DP 450 Mac with the 6-pin FW 400 ports. When the loan for the current Mac is paid up in September I plan on renewing it for another three years (there's business confidence) and upgrading to the latest Mac with...
  9. Lazzo

    Any 4D Developer Edition users?

    Grrrrr, bark, woof If anyone out there is using 4D Developer for making invoices I would appreciate some really simple help: How to print: I get the top half of two invoices printing out on one A4 sheet - and not even the right one(s). No lika! How to make buttons work: Any new...
  10. Lazzo

    The Recipe Thread

    Hi folks - bored sleeping, eating and drinking Macs? Put your recipes here and let's see what comes up, so to speak. To start you off, I just finished my lunch: 1 packet diced chicken 1 packet egg tagliatelli 3 vinegar preserved red chillies 1 wok 1 large saucepan 1 shot glass 1 pair...
  11. Lazzo

    Keyboard to stop Classic?

    Hiya folks Does anyone know the keyboard command to shut down Classic? Clicking System Prefs, clicking Classic, clicking Stop, quitting Prefs makes me feel like I've been on a three mile jog.
  12. Lazzo

    Another Illustrator observation...

    In a another thread, 'Quark 4.1 Screen Re-draw Problem', niallerc says Illustrator 10 is behaving badly on his Mac. niallerc is not alone. It behaves badly for everybody. Today a client sent in PC versions of some Illus files, so I DL'd the PC Illus demo to run on the HP. It's not my...
  13. Lazzo


    Morning! I was just rummaging around in the console app and I am curious about this item: Attempt to release a printing object without first doing a retain!!! Is that something to do with Gimp taking over printing? It seems to coincide with printing Appleworks docs, but as they print anyway I...
  14. Lazzo

    F1 Championship 2000

    I'm not sure of the legals on this, I'd like to speed up the circuit loading times so I assume making a disk image of the CD is the way to go but it won't work because of the software dongle (I think). Has anyone tried this and succeeded?
  15. Lazzo

    StylusRIP, bitmap fonts...

    I'm being driven batty by this! Last week, for no apparent reason (no installs etc.), fonts began printing bitmapped when a Quark Xpress doc is printed through the StylusRIP to an Epson 1520. Images are fine. I booted into OS9 and reinstalled the printer driver, the fonts and the RIP but no...
  16. Lazzo

    Copying from pdf

    Greetings troops: It's not overly important and I've finished the rotten job now, but just thought I'd ask - Has anyone else lost the letters 'fi' from the beginning of words when copying and pasting direct from a pdf? Always at the beginning of a paragraph, which I 'spose is fortunate in...
  17. Lazzo

    Quark Xpress 6

    So, finally - the Quark laxative is working! They've started posting screenshots of the X version on their site. Still no release date, though it's a move in the right direction! I wonder if it'll work???
  18. Lazzo

    Gimp Print...

    ...and a big YEEEHAAA to the developers! Installation of both Gimp and Ghostscript was a piece of cake and although the print dialogues are a bit fiddly and take a bit of getting used to, we now have the workhorse 1520 on the OSX tramlines with jolly good output. And it doesn't keep suddenly...
  19. Lazzo

    Default attach. view in Mail

    Does anyone know how to make 'icon view' the default for received and sent attachments in Mail? I'd prefer to see icons first rather than the full image and control-click 'view in place' as the option.
  20. Lazzo

    The Castaways

    Is anyone here old enough to remember The Castaways? I once heard a record by them called Lie, Lie, Lie and that's all. I remembered it just now while listening to I wondered if there are any albums around, or anyone knows anything as I can't find any web reference to them or...