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  1. rickself

    ATA HD from 2003 MDD - how to retrieve data to G5

    Hey all - I have a 2003 G4 MDD that I am planning to sell, probably as a parts machine. We had a power issue as a result of an electrical problem with my laser printer that I'm guessing fried the power supply on the MDD. I now have G5's (2008 and 2012). How can I or how do I go about retrieving...
  2. rickself

    Where does Sierra store Custom printer settings

    Hey all - After switching from El Capitan to Sierra, I need to copy my custom paper and sheet size settings for my HP Z3200ps plotter. Both systems are on separate drives and I need to bring the sheet size and different paper settings into Sierra. There are so many places to look in the Library...
  3. rickself

    Upgrade (?) from El Capitan to Sierra

    I think I'd like to try the upgrade from El Capitan to Sierra. I can't go all the way to High Sierra without Sierra first, correct? I want to install on one hard drive and be able to pull the drive out if I want to keep El Capitan. Cheryl - you gave me a download link before to get a clean ISO...
  4. rickself

    Restore old app from previous itunes Backup

    Hey all - I have my iPhone 8+ that updated an app that is horrible compared to the previous version. I have the previous version on an iTunes backup on my Mac El Capitan 10.11.6 but apparently iTunes cannot restore a single application anymore. I have iTunes 12.7 on Mac and IOS 12.1 on my...
  5. rickself

    Connecting iPhone 8 Plus with 2008 Mac pro desk top

    I am trying to pair my iPhone 8 Plus with my 2008 Mac pro desk top. The Mac says that it has Bluetooth but it is not pairing. Is this just something that Apple never considered doing?
  6. rickself

    Mac Pro 2008 El Capitan Kernel Loop

    Good morning - My Mac Pro 2008 decided this past weekend to become possessed with an endless loop of Kernel Panics. It reboots about 3/4 of the way and shuts down, attempts to reboot again, and same thing. I have been able to run TechTools ProTogo from a thumb drive just once and it found...
  7. rickself

    2008 & 2012 Mac Pro Video Cards -can I Swap?

    I don't know much about video cards and haven't even had time to look inside to see what the difference is between these two. I have a 2012 3.2 ghz Mac Pro Quad Core with an ATI Radeon HD 5770 1024 MB Video Card. I also have a 2008 2.8 Mac Pro Quad Core with a NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT 512 MB. I'd...
  8. rickself

    Will Fast User Switching Work Between 2 Different Os?

    I have a couple of applications that I use on Mountain Lion and most on El Capitan. Is there a way to setup fast user switching to switch between the 2 different systems?
  9. rickself

    Macpro 2012 Sata And Macpro 2008 Sata Drives Not Interchangeable?

    Good morning - I received my refurbished 2012 MacPro and was disappointed that the hard drives were not interchangeable with the drives in my 2008 MacPro. Is there something I'm missing or is there a converter or different card I need to get? Seems the newer drive does not have an extra set of pins?
  10. rickself

    Iphone 5 With 8.3 - Can I Still Get Incremental Updates?

    Hey all - I want to wipe my iPhone 5 to get rid of the Mail program that bloomed to 8gigs without any email! I know I can back it up and clean it that way but I'd like to incrementally update the OS. Is this even possible to find older updates? Can I run OS9 on 16gigs? Because of the 8gig mail...
  11. rickself

    Mac Pro Quad With 10.11 - Can I Go Back To 10.8?

    Hello - I am in the process of purchasing a refurbished Mac Pro Quad (2012) that is pre-installed with OS 10.11. All of my software on my current Mac Pro Quad is running on 10.8. Question is - are there any hardware components that will dislike me reformatting the 10.11 back to 10.8? My software...
  12. rickself

    Changing Permissions In Terminal On Mac Pro Tower 10.8

    Hello - I recently added 2 HD's from a G5 running 10.5.8 to my current MacPro running 10.8. Half of my folders that migrated over are now locked. INdividually unlocking them will take forever. If I get info on the HD icon and change permissions, it works for some folders but not for others. I...
  13. rickself

    G5 On Leopard Finder Locks Up

    Suddenly overnight my G5 running leopard will lock up on the finder and the beachball will just continue spending. If I try to launch ANYTHING there's no reaction. Everything worked yesterday. I've tried Terminal fsck, also dusk utility. Disk utility hoes for 5 minutes and everything locks up...
  14. rickself

    Power Mac G5 Quad Core (2.5) Has Gotten Noisy

    I've noticed in the last year that my G5 has gotten so noisy, when it's under a load, like capturing audio from voice recorders or using LogMeIn to work on my office computer from home, it sounds like a 747 coming in for a landing! All I've done in the past year is add RAM. Is there something I...
  15. rickself

    Program to delete unused PPD files from 10.5.8 G5

    I have probably 200 ppd files that are installed in my 10.5.8 G5. I know there's a program out there that will delete these files, and also at the same time, repair permissions. I used it just last year on another Mac and now cannot remember the name. You can't just remove the files, they are...
  16. rickself

    G5 PPC on Leopard passes tests, still won't boot from internal drive

    We had some power flickers yesterday afternoon and now my Mac refuses to boot. My G5 PPC running Leopard will not boot from the internal drives. It will boot from the install DVD. I have run the Command-S with the fsck -fy and Command-V. Both appear to run okay. I can hold the option key down...
  17. rickself

    G5 PCI Bridge - What is it? What does it do?

    Hi all - I am trying to detect some vibration and excessive noise coming from the back half of my Power Mac G5 Quad. Tech support at PowerMax suggested I check the mini fans on the cards in the expansion slots. In the #1 slot is the GeForce 6600. There is no fan on it. In slot #3 is the PCI...
  18. rickself

    Dual DVI ports not working

    I have a G5 PCI-E with 2 DVI ports. Up until this past week, I have been using an old tube type monitor and converting the signal with a DVI to VGA converter. We had a power short circuit at the house and now I cannot get a signal to the monitor. I also have a brand new ViewSonic 24" monitor...
  19. rickself

    IT Course and writing code on a G5

    Not sure if this is the place but here goes. I am finishing up my secound block of online classes with University of Phoenix, 9 months away from my AA in IT/MIS. I miss the days of long ago, writing If-else and loops on the Atari 800 and Commodore. I really need software for my new G5 Mac...
  20. rickself

    Menu items duplicated in Leopard

    I have noticed just this last week that my finder is showing duplicate commands in the menus: shut down, empty trash, and secure shut down. There are 2 of each. There are also 2 move to trash commands. Also, windows now have a black box around them, like the Mail window now has a black rule...