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    Bobw Passed Away

    First visit to the forums in quite some time, and this is what i find. Well Bob you helped me out of a jam with my mac a number of times over the past 4 years. It's been a pleasure, I send my condolences.
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    Apple Shopping 2007

    How far back does Apple generally go to allow a free upgrade on a OS? I got my Mac Pro... I want to say mid October. i guess thats too far, so i'm stuck buying it. Can you say... Student Discount via a friend of mine. Work only does 10% off i think, likely less.
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    Apple's New Phone - Better Come Quick!

    The ability to sync my Razr is great. i wrote an applescript to sync it for me automatically every so often. So thats a must.
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    Apple's New Phone - Better Come Quick!

    I've been holding onto this damn Razr far too long. Currently on replacement Razr # 5. So if Apple does come out with one that I like... I'll be one of the first to order one. My girlfriend looks at me like i'm crazy, lol. But she understands and lets it go. She just wants a phone that doesn't...
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    MacPro issues w/Rosetta?

    I've noticed that the Mac pro eats memory like it's nothing with Rosetta. I use a Dual G5 at work and the memory is about 50% gone, with only 2 gigs here. i have 3 gigs at home and the entire 3 will be tapped out, although a good chunk is inactive, the memory is still not free. Speed, it's not...
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    Too Many Kernel Panics, Mac Pro

    In System Profiler there is a status for the memory too. This will tell you that the memory is not performing properly as well. I never knew about the hardware test, good find.
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    Windows media player

    I need to check and see if it is native. I did download and install it a second time, I don't believe Quicktime came up under Rosetta. I'll check when i get home. Once it loads, playback is fine, but i mean it's a nice wait.
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    Windows media player

    Flip4mac would be great if it didn't take so long for the video to open. i noticed a delay on my Mac Pro. I thought it was an issue on my G4 due to processor speed, but the mac Pro ruled that out. So i still use the Windows Media Player and MPlayer. Mainly because they open much faster.
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    calendar syncs with ppc and not intel using motorola razr.

    Works fine here. I used bluetooth to sync mine, no problems.
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    Mac Pro Loud SuperDrive [Video inside]

    So I go, and... nothing they can do. Looked at a display model, it did the same thing. Makes no sense. How can you claim this is a super low noise producing machine, acoustic my ass.
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    Mac Pro Loud SuperDrive [Video inside]

    Well i suggest they swap it with a Pioneer, not this Sony crap. The pioneer superdrive in my g4 is silent as hell. The one at work is silent too. I won't even use the thing, but it's more about what i paid for. i paid for something better than that. What is the repair process? i have...
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    Mac Pro Loud SuperDrive [Video inside]

    I went to Microcenter, the Mac pro there did the same thing. i got mine from a Apple store here for that very reason, take it right the F$%& back! i dropped cash for it too, so I'm PISSED! Haven't even had it a day! Update: I have a 3:20 appointment at the Apple Store today, we shall see about...
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    Mac Pro Loud SuperDrive [Video inside]

    Well I finally went ahead and got a new system after months of... "Apple might release another one". I said ok, and paid cash for one. So I place a CD or DVD in, this thing gets LOUD. Sounds like a jet. Well you be the judge.... The system...
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    help with isync

    This info should be in your address book or iCal. Take a look at your settings for syncing in iSync. I don't remember what settings are there since I don;t sync my cell to my computer at work. Check both the general Preferences and select the phone icon and see the settings. Add something to...
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    Safari - NO IMAGES

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    Safari & Fonts

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    g4 10.4.6 wont boot

    Happened to my G4 at home, mine hung on a blue screen, and i let it stand for a hour or two before I gave up. Had to reinstall the system and i slowly started losing hard drives/partitions one by one. Luckily I backup my data, just the pain of reinstalling.
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    G5 Audio Pop

    So a coworker had the same issue, and he mentioned switching the vga connector to a DVI with a converter cable. And it solved the problem for us. Still testing to see, but so far, no problems at all. Both VGA LCDs are on different cards using a DVI converter.
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    New Mac purchase

    i see this is an old thread, but i'm looking to get a new system. my home system is rather old, and I have no idea how i managed to hold out so long. I do freelance at home, so i need a system that can get the work done, and my old G4 has seen better days. I tested the mac mini, it is fast...
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    G5 Audio Pop

    Well i never found a solution, so I just live with it. My job doesn;t seem to care, so I guess I'm stuck with it until we swap up for the new intel desktops. I use a lot of audio apps at one time, although there have been times when i only had itunes running and it would start. Such as when the...