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    Can I use Disk Utility to Image a PC?

    I have numerous dedicated PC based encoding workstations. We have been contemplating getting Ghost, so that we can create an Image of an optimized system and use it for emergency restore purposes. I do this for my Mac systems all the time using Disk Utility, can I back up XP boxen this way as...
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    *nix fileserver advice needed

    HateEternal chmod -R ugo+rwx /media/big120 that was the command that did the trick. My remote drive is now read writable. I thank you for all you help. I am going to have to do some more reading on iptables. I have restarted other services using /etc/init.d before, so that is something I have...
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    *nix fileserver advice needed

    As I said, I know just enough about the command line to be dangerous. I'm not sure how to check or set permissions ( iassume chmod has something to do with this?), and IP tables is also a new thing to me. I know it exists on my system root@420:~# which iptables /sbin/iptables but so far the...
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    *nix fileserver advice needed

    I finally did get samba working to the point where I could mount the remote drive on my mac, but I only have read access even tho I set it up read/write. I added this to /etc/smb.conf security = user username map = /etc/samba/smbusers [big120] comment = samba server path = /media/big120...
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    *nix fileserver advice needed

    I want to use a *nix flavored fileserver on my all mac network. My network at home consists of 3 macs and up until now, 1 windows 2000 server. It is a 1 gHz amd box with only 128mb's of ram, XP was not really an option nor was it desired. The only reason it had 2000 server on it was because I...
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    Protools 6.9.2 crashes on startup

    Not sure what you mean by domain based mobile account... but here is my 3¢ worth. First, I use 10.4.5 and ProTools 6.9.2, I never upgraded to 10.4.6 on my production partition. That may be part of your problem, as the latest updates from Apple have in the past broken things with Protools. I...
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    Alias user directories to a Win2000 server

    When my wife traded in her old pc for a new mac mini, I promptly reformatted and repurposed her old machine. It now has windows 2000 advanced server installed, and is configured to share a 200 GB drive on our network. I'll add more drives eventually. I then copied my iPhoto, and iTunes...
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    Migrating to mac

    well, yeah you can, if thats how you roll. As for the issue,.. if you get a new intel imac, you can boot xp and use all your old windows software until you can get the necessary mac equivalents. stizz's law - mentioning piracy in a mac thread is akin to godwin's law and the mention of hitler.
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    [FAQ]Can I install Tiger on my Mac from another Mac's DVD/CDs?

    this thread makes me sad
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    I killed It :(

    so I get all the way to the Mac Store for my appointment at the genius bar, and without any difficulty, the guy boots my mini up holding down the option key. I stood there dumbfounded. As is always the case, something is broken until you try to show the IT guy. Anyway, he suggests I...
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    I killed It :(

    I seem to have killed my new Intel Mini. I have not called apple yet, but I may have to. I have a mac that now wont do anything, won't boot target disk mode, wont boot single user, won't boot off system restore disk, wont even bring up the bootcamp loader or allow me to zap the pram. In...
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    Disk Utility Wierdness

    found a work around... boot the mini in target disk mode chain it to the firewire drive with the image on it connect to powerbook, and run disk utility from there. Worked like it was supposed to that way. Cannot figure out why the disk utility on the mini install disk was not working properly.
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    Disk Utility Wierdness

    Disk utility is misbehaving and I don't know what to do. I just got a new mini. I used the system disk that came with it to boot off of, then attached an external firewire drive and made a disk image of the mini's hard drive. Next, I repartitioned the drive, and attempted to restore the image...
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    Slow Boat from China

    I have a very well traveled Mini coming. China, to Hong Kong, to Alaska, to Fort Worth TX, to Los Angeles, to North Hills,... North Hills Fed Ex is like 10 miles from my house, should be here very soon.
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    Slow Boat from China

    A small victory was won in my house a few days back. My wife finally caved and actually demanded that I buy her a mac. Her PC had Win98 SE on it when we got married, and that same box now has XP with the same 128MB of ram. It is a slug, it moves so slowly. plus it is liteally infested with...
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    Possible OS X Trojan?

    drudge is spreading the wrong info. He still calls it a virus on his front page. i emailed him already,..maybe we all should
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    Tiger wont Browse Device via Bluetooth

    I searched before posting this. My powerbook is a ProTools production machine, so it has multiple partitions so that I may boot Panther when I need to work. But 90% of the time I boot off my Tiger partition to surf the web, use iphoto etc.etc.. When I'm in Panther, I can "Browse Device"...
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    new tiger problem?

    I have had several folders appear empty when I know they are not. I recently unstuffed an app and the resultant folder was the proper size (12 MB), but had no visible files. A trip to the terminal and an ls command of that directpory later and I could quite plainly see that the files I wanted...