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    Tiger Upgrade FAQ

    Just like all of us, there will be many people getting a non-descript brown package next friday. Many of them will suddenly be faced with a very important question: What should I do? Should I do a clean install? An archive install? An upgrade? Now, I've never done a Mac OS install, So I...
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    [HOWTO] - Removing extra photoshop "Open With" options.

    I recently had a problem in which 15 or so photoshop "droplets" would appear in the "Open with" menu when I control-clicked on images. The way to fix this is to find the "droplets" directory in /applications/photoshop/samples, and delete it (i made an archive of it, so I can install them later...
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    Omg Powerbook!

    After weeks of frustration, I finally ordered my powerbook today. w00t for me! Says it will ship by the 10th.
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    Apple, Get Your Taxes Together

    I have spent the entire afternoon trying to order my Powerbook. With local tax, the total should come to $2374.72 ($2279 + 4.2%). However, I live in an un-incorporated county, so I do not pay city or county tax, only state tax (4.2%). But, my shipping adress triggers the Apple store to charge me...
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    ACDT Worth It?

    HeyHey! I'm thinking about starting studying for an Apple Certified Desktop Technician Cert. I'm planning on paying for my college by doing tech-support/admin/etc work, so I figure a certification would be quite beneficial. Anyone have one? Are they worth it?
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    $$Moola managment?$$

    heyhey, Now that I get a steady income, I need to be able to keep track of my expenses. I dont need anything complicated. I just need something to say: Ok, dan got paid x amount. X amount + existing amount = y. y - expense a = z z - expense b = w. just something as simple as that. you...
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    .Mac, Worth it?

    I'm trying to decide weather to get .mac when I get my powerbook (febuary 10th! w00t!). I allready have web space, and a backup drive. The only thing I can think of that .mac offers is the email, which I really dont think I need, and the Virex. I've heard that Virex is really unnecissary. What...
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    Who's Getting The New PB?

    I would have liked for it to be out today, but apparently that dream wont come to fruition(sp?). I guess I can stand to wait one more week or so, BUT NOT LONGER! (you listening apple?). Anyway, how many of you are planning on buying one of the new Powerbooks when they come out? I'm hoping for a...
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    Commute XL and Shinza Sleve?

    hey everyone, Im thinking of getting the timbuk2 commute xl, and using a shinza zeroshoxk 15 inch case for extra protection. My question is: the stated laptop compartment dimentions on the commute xl are 15.5" W x 10.5" H x 1.75" D the stated external dimentions for the shinza sleeve are...
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    What you see: Desktops

    I had an idea. Instead of a normal desktops thread, why not do something a bit more informative. Heres how it works. You post a desktop, but instead of just leaving it at that, you tell us what we see in it. Heres mine: Dock, From left to right: Firefox Newsfire Quicksilver...
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    Shuffle/Mac mini Shipping tales.

    So, anything shipped yet? I ordered my 1gb shuffle as soon as apple had updated the store after the keynote, and it still hasent shipped yet.
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    ahhh! This morning, I ejected my usb drive, unplugged the ethernet and power, and closed my iBook. Im pretty sure it went to sleep, but for some reason, I didnt check before putting it in my backpack. When i took it out, I cant remember if it was blinking or not, but it wouldent come back to...
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    IRC Action

    Remeber guys, this site does have an IRC channel. Lets get some MWSF discussion going in there! on Dont leave me all alone there!
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    My first job..

    Hey all, I havent been posting latley, because ive been busy with other stuff..and i got a job! Its at target, as a casheir for the time being, hopefullly electronics in the future. It pays well, but standing for 8 hours is a b*tch on the feet and back. Im trying to work as much as I can so I...
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    Where to buy iMac DV (graphite) analog board?

    Hey guys, It seems that Im going to be moving to the mac world sooner than I expected. I found an iMac DV online for 100 bucks! 40gb HD, 256 RAM, etc. General awesomeness. Everything is fine about it, but it needs a new analog board. Anyone know where I can get one?
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    Fixes on next PB G4?

    Hey all, What fixes do you think apple will introduce with the rumored new PB G4 to be released at MWSF? Hinge fixes? Keyboard fixes? Stuff like that. Considering this will most likley be the final rev of the G4 PB, do you think it will iron out most of the problems that came up with the...
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    iTunes on windows problem

    hey. im switching my default media player on windows to itunes. when i installed it, it only found 1/4 of my music. ive been using the add folder option to add more music, but im coming across a problem. i do have some wmas in my collection, and itunes will happily convert them for me. however...
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    booq bags?

    Im thinking of buying the booq bp.3 system laptop backpack. I am, however, a bit hesitant. The thing looks like a monster, huge! I do need to carry around textbooks and stuff, but Im not a huge fan of overly large backpacks. I was looking for a messenger bag, but couldent find one that would...
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    The only reason to keep a PC around...

    W00t! Half-Life 2!
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    MUST have 'Book accessories?

    Im a huge fan of laptop accessories, and since Im planning on getting a PB, Id love to hear what you guys think are the MUST HAVE accessories such as cases, mice, protective stuff, etc.