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  1. Randman

    vetting process

    The tool thread is interesting but it could be quite easy for someone to take advantage of it, using it to advertise their wares. I've seen the usual suspects of apps mentioned but I've also seen apps there that fly under the radar, and/or get poor feedback from sites such as versiontracker or...
  2. Randman

    Sticky Brain, Omni Outliner or something else?

    Looks like SB has been updated. I have OO2 and was thinking of upgrading then I saw the StickyBrain update. What does everyone else use? Comments on either? Or is there a third choice worth considering as well?
  3. Randman

    Shaddup about G5 PowerBooks already!

    Sorry, but gotta rant on this one. I am truly tired of hearing people ask about G5 PowerBooks as if they'll be some Holy Grail and completely revolutionize computing. I own a PB17, rev c, and I've worked on G5 PowerMacs and G5 iMacs. And while the desktops are more powerful, in the long...
  4. Randman

    Zammy's farm?

    What ever happened to your cluster project?
  5. Randman

    What did you buy?

    I went for the iPod shuffle (1GB), iWork and iLife packages. Love the Mac mini but will hold off on that. EDIT: Can a mod edit the i to iWork, please? Thanks.
  6. Randman

    Anyone familar with Dubai?

    Looks as if I'll be making my first trip to the Middle East later this month. Wanted to see if anyone here is from Dubai, or has been there. And recommendations, suggestions, comments, etc. Thanks.
  7. Randman

    new gui forum

    Since this site doesn't deal that much with the GUI end of the Mac spectrum and even less on themeing and modding, thought I'd pass on a new forum that is devoted to that aspect that has much promise. Most of the big names in Mac theming are there, but plenty of good stuff for Mac users of all...
  8. Randman

    Hard sell tactics

    On the thread asking about .Mac, two mods passed on references to the new web site hosting. While I can understand wanting to advertise the new services, I'm wondering if the line is being crossed between helpful and self-serving? And if it, that's a bit troubling.
  9. Randman

    backup iPod playlists?

    My 40GB iPod recently went wacky and required a clean install. I have about 25GB of stuff on it and it's been a chore to get everything back on it. I keep my music collection on my external as a backup (I don't like having to connect the external to my 17 everytime I use iTunes and I like...
  10. Randman

    iMac G5

    It looks interesting, better than I thought it would, and the price and performance are attractive (no bluetooth option under BTO though). I'd like to see it in a desk setup with all of the wires hanging off it. Your views?
  11. Randman

    Freefall's out, but not free

    Freefall is the radical screensaver demoed at WWDC, but it's $39.95. Hmmm.
  12. Randman

    Great article from USA Today

    USA Today has a very good story on the bump the iPod is giving to the laptop line.
  13. Randman

    1GB ram stick 4 sale

    Have a 1GB stick of ram for sale as I just sold my iBook. Specs are Samsung, 1GB DDR PC2100 CL2.5. You can check a posting in the desktop picture thread to see a photo of it working, if needed. Will ship in an anti-static bag and bubble wrap for safety.
  14. Randman

    A pretty good day

    Well, for once, things went my way. Started the day out by having to take my dog to the vet for surgery to remove some tumors. But it went well and she's already home and ambulatory (if a little doped up). Then, I got word and I'll be starting my new job on Monday. And since the vet's...
  15. Randman

    iMac G5, your thoughts?

    There's been a dearth of comments concerning the rumors about the new G5 iMacs. Do people think the specs are accurate, and will you purchase one or wait? My feelings is a 2 Ghz top-of-the-line model would be nicer than 1.8, but I guess you have to have some delineation between the PowerMacs...
  16. Randman

    camcorder 4 sale

    Have JVC camcorder for sale. Perfect operating condition, I just hardly ever use it these days since getting my Canon iXus. Comes with leather carrying case, expanded mmc card, two batteries, one is extended play. Syncs perfectly with iMovie/iDVD. Specs here... reviews here. US$600 obo
  17. Randman

    iBook G4 4 sale

    14-inch 1Ghz iBook, G4. 60GB hard drive. With Airport Extreme card, no dead pixels. I use a Magic Sponge so no discoloration on keypads. Will include Keyspan bluetooth adaptor. _ Purchased in January so warranty good until then. Runs Classic. _ Will include unopened key for Office 2004 (have...
  18. Randman

    fantasy football?

    Didn't have that great a season last year but ready for some football? We going to have another one? Ed?
  19. Randman

    4G iPod compatability?

    Do the new iPods work with 3G devices, such as iTalk, the Belkin Battery Pack and Media Reader and iTrip? I'm thinking of upgrading but won't if I have to get all of that stuff yet again (after going from 2G to 3G. Thanks