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    Ghost Recon: what do you think?

    Have you tried playing online yet?
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    Racer - anyone seen this?

    I just discovered Racer and can't believe I'd never heard of it before. It's a driving simulation for Mac, PC, and Linux using OpenGL and it's really good. It's rather rough around the edges (only version 0.5) but still a lot of fun. You can download extra cars and tracks from Racer Xtreme...
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    Ghost Recon: what do you think?

    Ghost Recon rocks - I play it loads, mainly online which is a lot of fun (using GameRanger). I haven't played the console versions of it but I understand that they are completely different - much more arcadey and basically a different game. With regards to creeping around versus all guns...
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    Network Solutions: my domain expired, then kickback?

    Yeah, be very suspicious of these kind of notifications. There are a lot of them about and they are always crafted to look genuine or to offer you something you can't pass up (er $6.44 in this case!). I got a very official looking letter recently telling me to send some money off somewhere...
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    RSS Reader for Mac OSX?

    NewsFire is very good and very Mac like.
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    Apple Website A Poor Online Experience?

    Re: the Zeldman bit. Yep - that's it. I wonder what they actually did, or if they are still doing it.
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    Popular Yahoo Photo

    "G.W.Bush mistakenly slam-dunks small child instead of ball during charity basketball match."
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    Popular Yahoo Photo

    "Girl found with strange growth coming out of her forehead."
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    Apple Website A Poor Online Experience?

    No, no, no, no, no ,no! There's more to a website than just how it looks (although looks ARE important). It would be interesting to see how well blind people and others with disabilities get on with the current site. Accessible sites are becoming more and more a legal requirement. HTML/CSS...
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    Ichatav - User Names

    Latecomer to the party.... goynang ( (not a full account - just used for iChat)
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    Platinum Theme ( - "The one with Susan..."

    I agree with Ifrit. It really does make a difference on OS X that to a large degree all applications look and feel the same. Even down to the organization of the menus with all the system stuff in the first (apple) menu, then application level items etc. etc. This means you always know where to...
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    Problems with Unreal Tourn. 2004 DVD on G5

    I recently bought a G5 and to put it to the test also bought Unreal Tournament 2004. This comes on DVD and I'm having right royal problems getting it to mount. You need it in the drive to play the game - although the actual game files are now on my hard disk (stupid copy protection annoying...
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    Platinum Theme ( - "The one with Susan..."

    Phew, I was really worried about that! ;)
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    Tip for Expose usage: Might sound silly, but it really works

    I have a Microsoft intelliwotzit mouse that has its own control panel. You can set each button (it has 5!) to anything you want (keystrokes, forward, back, etc.) and separately for individual applications. I set it to make the middle (scroll) button equate to F9 key press only in the Finder. For...
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    Tip for Expose usage: Might sound silly, but it really works

    I've got expose (f9) set to my middle mouse button (the scroll wheel which also acts as a button). Works a treat!
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    Can someone explain to me why a PB from Ireland to the UK.....

    When I've tracked purchases in the past I've always seen them go through Holland. Also, the tracking always seems a little behind the times. The package normally turns up ahead of when the tracking says it should! When I bought my iBook I think it came straight from Japan (or Taiwan or...
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    Ordered my Dual 1.8ghz - ship date is 2months!

    Yes, you are right (and I mentioned it was the gfx card in my original post). I've decided I just can't wait that long (I've buckled already!) and I'm going to change my order to the ATI 9800 XT and bump up to the dual 2ghz to make up for it. I can always buy the latest greatest gfx card at...
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    Ordered my Dual 1.8ghz - ship date is 2months!

    Are you seriously suggesting that the U.S. Navy is a more important customer to Apple than I am. Do you know who I think I am? (yes, I am joking)
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    More choice please Apple!

    I've made my choice. I have ordered a Power Mac (dual 1.8ghz with 1gb RAM and the Nvidia 6800 ultra). I figured it's normally better to buy more than you need rather than less. Now to wait for it......