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    Will OSX ever be as fast as XP?

    Jaguar has hardware accelerated scrolling, even on systems that don't support Quartz Extreme. Scrolling is every bit as smooth as in OS 9.
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    Longhorn, BlackComb??

    Don't let the hype scare you. Microsoft makes itself appear to be ahead of everyone else, but you have to remember two things: 1) Microsoft promises a lot of stuff that never gets delivered, or shows up years late. Anyone who followed along with NT 5 development knows this. Some of the stuff...
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    16 bit?

    I don't know where you got the idea OS X might be 16 bit. It's based largely on NeXTStep and assorted BSD Unix OSes, which have been 32 bit longer than Mac OS.
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    Verizon Residential DSL and OS X

    It also depends when you signed up. I signed up almost 18 months ago, and at that time Verizon (then still Bell Atlantic) was giving out static IP addresses here (Manhattan, NYC). They switched to PPPoE 6 months or so after they hooked me up, but they never bothered to move the old accounts to...
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    Verizon Residential DSL and OS X

    That package probably just includes PPPoE software (the "Verizon Dialer") and an outdated version of a web browser. Mac OS X comes with IE 5.1 and has PPPoE built-in, so you don't need any of that.
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    What on earth is this???

    Nothing to get excited about. It looks like someone just has an OS X screenshot open in XV (which is an image viewer/converter).
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    Mac OS X wannabe questions

    Mac OS's answer to virtual desktops has always been the "Hide..." commands in the application menu. These commands and the associated keyboard shortcuts (which many people don't know even though they're listed in the Help) make it very easy to manage large numbers of apps while keeping screen...