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  1. Randman

    Post your desktop!

    A sunset on Mars, taken by one of the Rovers. And this should make me Mr. 3,000!
  2. Randman

    Amazing keyboard design

    Make it wireless and I'll put a deposit down.
  3. Randman word association!

  4. Randman

    Applications Folder Missing / Deleted

    Search, Apple F, for an application (try Safari or iTunes). If you can find those, the folder was moved somewhere. Move it back. If not, you should consider backing everything else up and reinstalling. What's this thing you are trying to install?
  5. Randman

    Herve's Bar & Grill

    In NYC right now. Could use a good drink though I prefer vodka.
  6. Randman

    Converting .wma to .mp3

    If it's encrypted WMA, you are out of luck. If not, iTunes can handle it. Though, you do realize that you are stealing and asking about stealing. Don't you?
  7. Randman

    internet question

    Trash Internet Explorer and empty trash. Use Safari, or if you must be counter-culture, Firefox.
  8. Randman

    iChat using Jabber to talk to someone on MSN

    Adium is still tops.
  9. Randman

    iTMS:1 million till 1/2 billion

    Mine, mine, mine. It shall be mine (if I can stay awake).
  10. Randman

    Any Free Desktop Themes for Mac OS X?

    Themes aren't one of those things unless you are very adept at Photoshop, have lots of time and are familiar enough with OSX to much around in system-level files. check out the desktop thread. Take a look at any of the good desktops. Betcha none came from ResX (and I think the site does serve...
  11. Randman

    Mobile phone sync questions

    Latest build of iSync added tons of phones. I can now sync my Nokia 6630 just fine.
  12. Randman

    Any Free Desktop Themes for Mac OS X?

    You get what you pay for. ResX doesn't have the best rep for themes so you take your chances.
  13. Randman


    Recheck preferences.
  14. Randman

    Newbie Problem: Clock, Volume etc gone from menu

    Try Preferences and re-enable such items? If you did any tweaking, revert or reinstall.
  15. Randman

    Help! Tell me I am an idiot

    Get more ram.
  16. Randman

    A Good Hard Drive Utility App

    OmniDisk Sweeper is the best and most established.
  17. Randman

    Any Free Desktop Themes for Mac OS X?

    I would be wary. Check out macthemes or macnn, both of which have a robust theming section. You'll want ShapeShifter. Plus, you can theme all you want, icons, panels, menu bar, sounds, etc.
  18. Randman

    10.4.2 is out now.

    Nokia 6630 syncs now. I'm happy.