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  1. dlloyd

    WTB: G4 Cube Power Supply

    The power supply on the G4 Cube I maintain for someone recently self-destructed (with a little help from a human, but either way it's gone) and I really need to find a replacement. Does anyone here happen to have an old one laying around somewhere? EDIT, found one elsewhere :)
  2. dlloyd

    Go To New Post Broken?

    Has anyone else noticed that for the last few days the 'go to first new post in thread' option hasn't been working properly? Or is it just me...
  3. dlloyd

    Human-Readable URLs

    Have we just switched over to a new form of URLs here? Yesterday I copied a link that looked like and this morning the same thread is at If that's right, congratulations, I haven't...
  4. dlloyd

    Look at this!

  5. dlloyd

    Switching out of game in Fullscreen mode

    Hey guys, I wonder how many of you still remember me! ::ha:: Anyway, I am working with someone by testing on my Mac a little Java app he wrote on the PC. It's designed to run along side the game Dungeon Siege, and it seems to work fairly well (apart from looking a little un-Maclike, but...
  6. dlloyd

    I sold an iPod!

    Yeah, I did. I was in BestBuy today, looking at headphones, and this lady walks up and starts looking at flash MP3 players. She knelt down and took a look at iPods and I asked if she'd ever used one. She said 'no', so I pulled mine out. She didn't even turn it on, but when I came back a few...
  7. dlloyd

    To Microsoft: Knock It Off, Or Else... - The US Army Heehee, gotta love it :D
  8. dlloyd

    Wanted: iPod 5GB or 10GB

    Hey guys! I'd like to buy an iPod: either 1st or 2nd generation; 5, 10, or possibly 20GB. I only have about $170 to spend, maybe slightly more depending on the included extras. Cosmetical condition doesn't really matter to me as long as the thing works! If you've got an iPod that you want...
  9. dlloyd

    Thoughts for complete site redesign

    I think should be more than just a forums site. Here are some things that we could do: 1) Have a section where members can post reviews of hardware and software with links to VersionTracker or MacUpdate for downloads of the free software and links to places where people can buy...
  10. dlloyd

    Teaching Computer Illiterate Family Members?

    My Dad and I are both very proficient with computers, he works with them for a living (albeit on PCs), and I started learning to use them when I was about 5. He taught me a lot of what I know, and he has always been there to answer my questions. I now know more about Macs than he does, and...
  11. dlloyd

    Crazy idea

    This is a silly idea I had a few days ago, but I thought I'd mention it anyway. :) What if we were to have a splash page linking to the forums and then also to a section which gave 'switching' info and then the option to post questions in the board? I know loads of other sites have stuff...
  12. dlloyd

    Happy Birthday ScottW!

    Just happened to glance down at the bottom of the homepage, and noticed it was someone's birthday! Happy Birthday Scott, we appreciate all you do for us! Thanks for all your hard work! :)
  13. dlloyd

    Code editor

    Ok, I know this has been gone over before, I did a site search :) I can't find what I'm looking for though. I use Dreamweaver MX for my site design, and it is great for WYSIWYG editing. It also has some nice code editing features, but I find it a little clunky for writing code in all the time...
  14. dlloyd

    "Broken Image"

    Alright, you know how in the bottom left corner of each post, under the avatar, there is a little image which tells you if that post is new or not? Well ever since we got the new theme here, I haven't been able to see the "new post" image. I assumed this was something Scott had done on purpose...
  15. dlloyd

    Riven Carbon/Cocoa

    I have Riven (the sequal to Myst) by Cyan Software, and I was wondering if there was a Carbon/Cocoa version of it available? I really hate having to start up Classic to play it. :(
  16. dlloyd

    Simple Finder and CD-ROMs

    Ok, I'll make it quick 'cause I'm tired :) My sisters use the Simple Finder option in OS X, but they can't use CDs from there. I tried the Full Finder option, and when I switched back to the Simple Finder, the disk was there. I ejected the disk, it went away, but when I put it back, it didn't...
  17. dlloyd

    New ads? Not cool

    I can't reply to the Announcement that Scott made, so I am starting a new thread. I don't like this new form of advertising: a whole page ad every ten clicks. I guess if they create revenue for the site, then fine, but I personally would prefer to have a few more small ads on all the pages...
  18. dlloyd

    What language to use for this:

    Okay, here is the deal: At our church, we have a children's bell choir. Now as you can imagine, kids usually can't read music, so each bell is color coded. The way the choir director (my Mom) tells them what bells to play is by holding up a card which has little color filled circles on it, each...
  19. dlloyd

    My files are gone! Help please!!!!

    Ok, I'm getting really scared here: Last night I was trying to delete the files from a disk image, but the finder wouldn't delete them. So I went into the terminal and did "sudo rm -r * /Volumes/Disk\ Image". This didn't work, so I did it with 'su' instead. The hard drive ground for a few...
  20. dlloyd

    Things I want to see in iChat 2.0

    Things I would like to see in iChat 2.0: 1) Proper buddy-list handling. Self explanatory. 2) Ability to select whether you want iChat to be 'chat' oriented or 'IM' oriented. For example, right now in the iChat menu-ling, selecting an online buddy opens a chat, not an IM. 3) Better away...