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    Strange black box around everything

    Ok, this one has me a little confused. One of my computers E mac G4 10.4.3 has this problem wherein any selected item has a black box around it. Moreover, sections of text will get this when the mouse is nearb too, even if the text is not selectable. Here is a screen shot to illustrate what I...
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    CD Burning Problem Duplicate images different Names

    I have had several complaints about this but I cant figure it out. Problem: While burning a cd of "image" (jpeg nef crw raw) files, the cd will look like it burned as per normal but, only the first image is burned to the cd. All the other "images" are exactly like the first one, even though...
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    Package install?

    Does anyone know off the top of their head if the OSX 10.4 Install CD is done through a "package" installer? I am going to be installing it on over 50 computers and want to know if I can upgrade through Apple Remote Desktop 2.2. Thanks, Parke