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    Mac Pro Loud SuperDrive [Video inside]

    Well I finally went ahead and got a new system after months of... "Apple might release another one". I said ok, and paid cash for one. So I place a CD or DVD in, this thing gets LOUD. Sounds like a jet. Well you be the judge.... The system...
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    Safari - NO IMAGES

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    Safari & Fonts

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    Installed Tiger, Backup Drive Vanished

    I had Tiger installed on my system at work, it's EOD on a Friday so i won;t be able to get support from Tech here until Monday. Curious if anyone had a drive vanish on them. This drive was a second partition on a seprate drive, the other partition is there. Whats odd, the missing partition...
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    Sound In Question

    I would like to have sound from my PC go into my Mac so i can either blend both audio from my PC laptop and my G5 as one or toggle between them. I have a KVM switch but I don't really want to switch between them just to hear the audio. My headphones are plugged into my mac. I want to see...
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    System Audio Balance Self Changing

    I was wondering why my audio was very low at full power. I'm checking my stero, cables, speakers, and after I gave up and figured I needed a new reciever... look in the sound prefs and the balance shifted to the right only. So that was a week ago, today, it was playing fine, I'm changing the...
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    Disable iChat initial IM popup

    I know many of you will simply say, don;t use it at work. I hate when people send me messages, sometimes they say the weirdest things and I have a meeting at my desk. Not exactly something you want people to see. You can have iChat hidden and that damn invisible window still pops up. There has...
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    Whats Going On? Files/folders disappearing

    Anyone having folders just up and disappear? Installed 10.4, clean install... I've seen folders and files literally vanish. Whats going on????????
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    G5 Audio Pop

    I just can't take this, this makes no sense at all. If i switch between apps, i tend to get this constant audio pop that goes with the tempo of the music I'm playing. I have tried a number of things. This started right when they ordered this for me at work. Months later, I'm at the edge of my...
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    What is up with this icon????¿¿¿

    Weird FCP icon in the bottom left corner of a Finder window. Navigate away from this folder and return, it's there. never seen that before, just curious. And Final Cut is not open.
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    OS X Color Profile Resetting

    Every now and then, atleast twice a week at work, my G5 resets to the default setting for both of my LCDs. You can obviously tell the difference, so i have to manually go in and change it back. Any ideas what may be causing this or a way to fix this problem? Thanks in advance.
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    Illustrator CS problem

    For whatever reason, when i hold down shift and resize, it does not lock the scaling. Nor does the hold the space bar change the cursor to the hand for scrolling around a page. Really cuts into my production. Any help would be appreciated. ***Edit Apparently this problem is in Photoshop as...
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    Mobile Website ¿?¿?

    I'm trying to make some tests on mobile phone web sites. Any sites anyone can point me to for creating them?
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    Perl script help

    I have this mixer... I use Perl to do the backend stuff, but I don't want people to run those scripts and see the poutput outside of Flash, try this and see what I mean... Any way to prevent viewing...
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    Safari Crash, and 1 crash in the past year

    I'm constantly having crashes with Safari. I also had problems with other things, so i reinstalled, all was good for a day and Safari is back to acting dumb again. Safari will use about 300mb of ram, takes more of the system resources than Photoshop with a document open. I'm not sure what is...
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    Edit iTunes music library

    I have a song that crashes iTunes every time I click on it or attempt to remove it from the library. This came about when i began moving my collection from CD to DVD. I had no problem when it was on a CD-R. So i want to go in and delete that item if possible. Or is there another way to fix...
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    Replace G4 Sawtooth AGP Fan

    Anyone know of any resources to get info on removing the fan hat blows on the processor? I decided to find out once and for all what was causing the noise, it was ether the power supply or that fan. And it was the one blowing on the processor. i covered it with my hand, and you couldn't hear...
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    iCal Update

    I don't use it, but many of you do. From SU... iCal is a calendar application that enables you to unify, manage and share the many calendars in your life. With iCal, you can view multiple calendars at the same time, share your calendars with friends and family, subscribe to...
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    10.3 Default User account fonts

    I have 84 fonts in my User account Library>Fonts folder, and I'm certain that can't be right. I think i tried to use Fontbook, weird things happened so i went back to Font Reserve. Anyway, can some give me a list of the Default fonts? Simply open that folder, select all, copy, then paste it into...
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    [How To] Applescript the command line

    I created routine maintenance Applescript out of curiosity and the need for a free solution that I could setup to run my daily/weekly and monthly. Preparation-- I have mine setup to run from Entourage X, but i believe you can use iCal to run them on a timed schedule, or simply run them as...