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    Safari 1.3

    all the details - min/max width/height :)
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    apple cheaper than dell$340 Based on the old spec iBooks as well Sorry if it's been posted elsewhere.
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    predicitions for the premiership

    who do you think will win/get relegated? being utterly bias i'll say that arsenal should win it again, especially after totally outplaying liverpool in the comunity shield yesterday (if i was a liverpool fan i'd be boasting about our third trophy in 4 months) and for relegation west brom...
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    wierd problem

    when i try to look at my sent messages it says it's indexing them, but itdoesnt stop, i've had it open for about 30 mins now and it's still stuck on one message. If i try to scroll down and delete it i get the spinning beach ball thing for ages. any ideas? edit: also i can't view any of the...
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    Fire and AIM

    when I try to long onto AIM in Fire it just does nothing for ever and i have to force quit, any idea what's wrong?
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    the world cup thread

    it's probably a good idea to have all the world cup news in one thread, so here's a good place. anyone see the germany game? 8-0!!! in the same time mathew hoggard (england cricketer) only got 7 runs.
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    world cup fantasy football

    join the mac os X fantasy league at it's free, just search for 'macosX' or give me your e-mail address.
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    congrats to

    we got 3.833 out of 5 on lowendmac's rest of the mac web poll, which is pretty good.
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    might need help on another board

    i started a 'what computer do you use' thread on the mxtabs board ( ) so if you want to do some troll bashing sign-up or i'll do it for you :)
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    what good (ie non-micro$oft) messengers are there that will let me chat with my wintel/msn using friends. MSN is playing up as ever:mad:
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    first mac?

    what was your first mac? mine was a quadra 700 (25Mhz, 20MB, 230MB) with quarkxpress and photoshop. and i did more work on it than i do with my iMac (mainly cos i couldn't use any games or the internet).
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    Help Oe 5.0.2

    I've been using OE 5 since it was released, i dont like M$ but it hasn't gone wrong until now. I'd been using it happily in the classic environment but yesterday it said "the end of file was reaced". I reinstalled it and it worked but now wont import my old accounts. Any ideas? I also tried to...
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    what does a crash look like

    a slightly arrogant thread, what does OS X look like when it crashes? I havent had one yet.
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    my site

    because you're likely to be pros i'd like to hear your opinions on my current website ( it's my first one in flash. and any tips on webdesign (book, design sites etc..) or improvements would be welcome. thanks
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    A minor question, in chess the computer can do a move (I think it's called castling) where the king swaps places with the castle, any idea how I can do this? thanks I NEED TO WIN!!!
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    blue screen of death

    This isnt a lost PC user, a couple of times when i've started up os X.1 I've had a very dark navy blue tint on the screen, it means that work is impossible. A restart has sorted it out, and there doesn't seem to be any permanent tint, only on the odd occasions. Any ideas on why? OS 10.1 and...