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    How do you get content off AppleTV?

    It's a long story, but the upshot is I trashed my iTunes library by mistake (90GB worth!). I have backups of my music, but there are a lot of podcasts and TV shows that I don't have backups of. I have an AppleTV, however, which contains most of my library. I know you can do this with iPods...
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    Â characters polluting Drupal-powered website

    A client of mine is using Drupal for a website. Suddenly, Â characters are popping up wherever an apostrophe appears. I've seen this before when cutting and pasting into a text editor from a rich text format, but why has Drupal suddenly begun doing this? Even if contributors are cutting and...
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    Apple Special Event March 6th

    that was more impressive than I was expecting. Standout announcements for me - various enterprise updates, mainly to stop people complaining, though I'm sure they'll find something else now. - games are much more impressive than I was expecting. I did not think you could get 3D games like...
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    AppleTV take two more picky?

    Could be maxing it out -- it should give you an indication at the bottom of the iTunes window when you click on APpleTV icon at the left Devices menu. see if that is filled up. Here is an image of what I mean (notice the coloured bar at the bottom. this one is for an iPod, but it looks the same...
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    Apple TV--turning it off?

    Al Gore just read this post. He doesn't look very happy ;)
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    iPhone coming to Ireland

    does anyone know what is up with this seemingly random, drawn-out rollout of the iPhone. I mean, even Canada doesn't have it yet for crying out loud. Just speculation, but it seems to me it must be Apple playing chicken with carriers until they give in to their demands (namely, getting a cut...
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    Replacing The Slot-Loading Cd-Drive

    yes you can. there are excellent guides on iFixIt: For CoreDuo MacBooks: For Core2Duo MacBooks: Other guides: it looks like...
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    Best compatible ExpressCard wifi cards?

    I need a wifi card for my MacBook Pro (preferably N, but G is OK), and an ExpressCard version seems the best choice, however I'm having a really hard time finding one in stores, much less one that I know is Mac compatible. It seems the PC-world's reluctance to move on from PCMCIA is slowing down...
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    any thoughts on when the new Macbook Pro's will be out?

    I think they're already LED. a friend of mine has one and it makes me very jealous when I use my computer next to her's!
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    Apple TV

    priji, not much to it. You can either connect it using the HDMI or component ports. HDMI is best if your TV supports it, otherwise component will be ok. the HDMI/component cords are sold separately, though, so you may need to buy them if you don't have any spare.
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    any thoughts on when the new Macbook Pro's will be out?

    here's a question, when they do upgrade the MBP specs, will they also rev the design? Seems to me the pro notebook line hasn't changed in looks in an exceedingly long time. The closest thing was a thinner design during the transition from G4 to Intel. Not that there's anything wrong with the...
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    110% Positive Feedback Only!!!

    haha aicul. Although the Air isn't for me, I can imagine it would be an attention grabber! Sure would make everyone else's look big and clunky. 2 things from me too: MacBook Pro I'm astounded at the life of my MacBook Pro CoreDuo 2Ghz. Ordinarily I am the sort of person who gets tired of...
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    Apple TV Take 2 is now here

    hmm, that's interesting. I just downloaded them and they appeared in the My POdcasts section, so I assumed they would be sent back to my iMac at the next sync, pre-subscribed and ready to go. I just checked and they are not. It looks like whatever you download on the AppleTV is ONLY on the...
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    Apple TV Take 2 is now here

    Updated last night, and the bags under my eyes can attest to the awesomeness of the update! Being in australia, I wasn't able to rent anything, but I was able to subscribe and download several podcasts. It is just brilliant -- very well thought out. You can browse podcasts by provider (ie...
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    Larger capacity iPod touch/iPhone

    I find this very surprising. With 3rd party apps coming at the end of this month, and the strong possibility of a 3G iPhone announcement soon, there is bound to be a 'special event' keynote within the next few weeks. Everyone (myself included) thought that seeing as they didn't announce 16GB...
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    iPhone forgetting playback position; resetting playback history

    I have 2 frustrating issues with my iPhone and I'm interested if anyone else has had the same issues: 1) I would estimate about every 1 in 6 times I play a podcast or audiobook that I am part-way through, the iPhone snaps it back to the beginning, losing my spot. 2) sporadically, it marks...
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    Frustrating Leopard!!!!!!!

    CAPS LOCK!!!!!11!!one!!!1
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    AppleTV HD movie rentals cost $16 each

    you're right Jeffo, I should be more specific. I just mean Apple shouldn't even bother releasing the service here unless they can work out deals with ISPs, because as it stands it is just not practical here and in many parts of the world. wow Giaguara, that is bloody frightening, but you...
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    AppleTV HD movie rentals cost $16 each

    The AppleTV's rentals is a great step in digital downloads. In the long term I do think it is the future, however it is simply too expensive. People always forget about the download limit when buying online content, I guess because until now most people have never run up against the limit...
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    MacBook Air!

    I guess I've been lucky with mine -- my MBP battery, while definately not as long-lasting as it was, still gets me 1.5-2 hours, depenidng on what I'm doing with it after 2 years but that is a good point about the length of time it takes to replace. With a barrery, though, surely it would...