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    Tiger Upgrade FAQ

    Good info guys. I have been having some problems with some of the iApps, So I will most likely go with a zero and clean install, after imaging my whole panther setup to my external drive. Only problem is that if the 10gb/hour rule works, I'll have to wait 10 hours for panther! Gasp! ::ha::
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    Tiger Upgrade FAQ

    Just like all of us, there will be many people getting a non-descript brown package next friday. Many of them will suddenly be faced with a very important question: What should I do? Should I do a clean install? An archive install? An upgrade? Now, I've never done a Mac OS install, So I...
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    [HOWTO] - Removing extra photoshop "Open With" options.

    I recently had a problem in which 15 or so photoshop "droplets" would appear in the "Open with" menu when I control-clicked on images. The way to fix this is to find the "droplets" directory in /applications/photoshop/samples, and delete it (i made an archive of it, so I can install them later...
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    I think we've all felt like this

    I love that one. If only the people who make these things went into advertisng, we'd all be penny-less, for every commercial would be as addictive.
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    Omg Powerbook!

    they shipped mine 3 days after I ordered. and this was a BTO machine. Hopefully you will have the same speedy shipping as I have! (the precious should arrive on thursday)
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    Omg Powerbook!

    thanks! I hope it will enable me to get back into my hobby of graphic design.
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    Omg Powerbook!

    After weeks of frustration, I finally ordered my powerbook today. w00t for me! Says it will ship by the 10th.
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    Transparent images

    when I'm using transparency, its pngs (which dont display properly in IE), and GIFs (which also dont display properly in IE). otherwise, i occasionally use the css opacity attribute.
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    Apple, Get Your Taxes Together

    I have spent the entire afternoon trying to order my Powerbook. With local tax, the total should come to $2374.72 ($2279 + 4.2%). However, I live in an un-incorporated county, so I do not pay city or county tax, only state tax (4.2%). But, my shipping adress triggers the Apple store to charge me...
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    HELP! • Runaway Log Files!!•

    download cocktail and run a logfile swap and cleanup. that should give you your space back.
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    iTunes won't open .aac files

    I have the same problem. I have not found a solution as of yet. :(
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    A tragic tale...

    yeah, windows pcs are easy as hell to troubleshoot, Id even be happy to walk you through some of the normal steps. you can charge upward of 50 bucks an hour and people will happily shell it out as long as they can go on ignorant of how to fix their machines.
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    Mac/PC interface problems with pen drives

    Thats whats happening now. I had to scroll down to make sure I didn't get it wrong....a seocond time. ::ha::
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    Mac/PC interface problems with pen drives

    shh you. It was late, and I knew what I had it wrong. I dont know why, but It totally slipped my mind. Anyway, yes, NTFS
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    ACDT Worth It?

    HeyHey! I'm thinking about starting studying for an Apple Certified Desktop Technician Cert. I'm planning on paying for my college by doing tech-support/admin/etc work, so I figure a certification would be quite beneficial. Anyone have one? Are they worth it?
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    Assigning a signature to an email address?

    applescript could work, but I'm thinking something more of a right click drop down menu. I take it you are using mail?
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    Mac/PC interface problems with pen drives

    On your PC, put the thumb drive in, and right click it in an explorer window. Go to preferances. Format the drive as FAT32. Usually the problem is that windows likes to take control and format things as NAFT, a file systsm than os x can not read. The shuffle over-comes this by coming fat32 from...
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    Donation Drive

    I dont see why everyone is getting riled up about this. Money doesnt grow on trees, and I'd gladly spare a few bucks and a day or two without the forum for all of the knowladge and fun I get here.
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    What would you say to someone with no programming experience...

    so you think C++ is easier? I really dont know all that much about languages, exept that after lots of askin around, I had settled on C for a staring point. However, if you think C++ is better, I'll go with that.