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    Acrobat Font Rendering

    Since switching over to my PowerBook for 95% of my computer work I haven't messed with Acrobat and instead usually use Preview... basically because it's faster and looks nicer, even if it doesn't have all the "features" Acrobat has. However, while working on a PDF version of my resume and today...
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    Admin accounts missing from login window

    I just did an upgrade to Tiger on nine company computers today. Each computer has an administrator account (called "Admin") and a standard user account for the user of that computer. After each upgrade, the Admin accounts no longer show up in the login window or the fast user switching menu...
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    Make Spotlight search System and hidden files?

    I've noticed that Spotlight will not return results when I search for files that are in the System folder (I did a reindex just to make sure), and of course it won't find hidden files (or any Unix files). Is there a way to make Spotlight index everything?
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    Hide Mail on Launch?

    In Panther I alwasy had Mail startup when I logged in and had it set to 'Hide" so that the window would never pop up. In Tiger, it seems like the 'Hide' isn't working for me in Mail, but works for Safari and other apps. Is anyone else having this? Or is it just me? :)
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    HOWTO - Properly Re-Import Old Mail to Mail 2 (for clean-installs & archive-installs)

    Instead of going through Mail 2's Import menu, do the following (this applies to those of you that backed up your Library and did a fresh install rather than an Upgrade): 1.) Quit Mail 2 if it's running. 2.) Remove the Mail folder from ~\Library (if it exists) 3.) Remove the...
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    Alternative for PHP auto_prepend_file?

    My old website (on my old host) makes use of an .htaccess file with a "php_value auto_prepend_file /path/to/global/file" in order to provide each page of the site with global variables containing path information, etc. This is very useful for developing a site locally and then uploading to...
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    CSS Font Size Dilemma

    I took a couple screenshots of my problem. I'm sizing my fonts with pixel values to avoid the problems with DPI and browser font-sizing quirks. However, in Windows (any browser) the fonts are still bigger than on the Mac, and the text ends up wrapping in places that I don't want it to...
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    Problem with WAV files

    I have three WAV files on a CD that need to be converted to MP3s so that I can use them on a website. However, iTunes says that the files are not audio files (or corrupted). Audion won't play them or encode them either. The only program that will play them is VLC, which doesn't really do me...
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    How do I rename a font?

    I downloaded a font called FREE3OF9.TTF for some barcodes. I can add the font to FontBook and use it in my apps just fine. But it shows up as "New". Is there a way to rename a font? Or does anyone know of some software that can do it?
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    Address to send a letter to?

    If I wanted to send a letter to Apple regarding technical issues that can't be resolved through tech support, would anyone know the address that I should send it to?
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    Linksys WPA and PowerBook G4 not working

    I've been successfully using my PowerBook along with my Linksys wireless-G router for year now, using WEP to keep the neighbors out. The other day I wanted to give WPA a try. I upgraded the Linksys firmware to the latest version (and powered it off/on). My PowerBook has Airport Extreme Card...
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    Objective-C pointer to pointer?

    I was trying to have a pointer that pointed to another pointer that points to the instance of an object... such that: Object *instancePtr = [[Object alloc] init]; Object **ptrToInstancePtr = &instancePtr; Then I was trying to send a message like: [*ptrToInstancePtr message]; But is...
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    Folder Action AppleScript Question

    I've figured out the basic events for Folder Action scripts. I wrote a script that prints out a list of the files that are moved to a folder. It works fine. However, what I've been trying to figure out for the last week is how to get the original paths of the files before they were put into...
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    Intercepting Finder file events?

    I'd like to find a way to have my program get notified when a user moves a file in the Finder to another folder, so that I could find the original path before the file gets copied to its new location. I'm guessing that this really isn't possible. Since I'm using Cocoa, I've been looking into...
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    Key events in background like Konfabulator?

    How would I go about handling a key down even in a program that runs in the background like Konfabulator does with it's F8 key?
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    File permissions for Sites folder

    I have a few PHP-based sites in my Sites folder that I use for testing my websites before uploading them. I would like the contents of the folder to be inaccessible to other user accounts on the computer (to hide the contents of the PHP code) but obviously I need Apache to be able to access the...
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    OpenGL glDrawPixels() help

    I put together a tiny test program to try out some OpenGL functions. I'm having trouble with glDrawPixels(). The image displays but it's basically just like looking at static. You cannot distinguish the real image at all. I don't know much about OpenGL, but I can make a cube rotate in 3D. :D...
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    Xcode 1.5

    So, Xcode 1.5 is available from Apple now. Is anyone else having trouble downloading it? When I try to connect to the FTP server, it rejects my user name and password.