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  1. sourcehound

    Mac HelpMate version 2 now available.

    I just wanted to announce the availability of version 2.0 of our support and diagnostic software, Mac HelpMate. It does many of the same troubleshooting and maintenance tasks as other popular applications but with some important differences: 1. tasks can be scheduled to run at any time 2...
  2. sourcehound

    Mac HelpMate 1.0 released!

    Many of you may have read some of my posts, and noticed that I had a link to a utility that I wrote in the signature. Today, I released version 1.0 of Mac HelpMate after starting with a VERY simple application about a year ago. Now, Mac HelpMate is a pretty darn good troubleshooting tool, and is...
  3. sourcehound

    Screen Sharing

    How does this work?
  4. sourcehound

    Very cool System Utility

    I came across a beta of a new System Utility I'd like to report. It has a few features I've never seen before. It's at The author is looking for beta testers now.