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    Source for color ls

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    Question about browsers and Address Book

    Hmm, seems any time I click on a "mailto" link in a brower, that address is saved to Address Book. I do not like this behavior and cannot find a way to toggle it off. Any ideas? btw, this happens in both IE and OmniWeb.
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    Source for color ls

    Where can I find this? :)
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    New version of OpenSSH

    There is a new version of OpenSSH (2.9.9p2) which addresses some security issues. I have borrowed from Scott Anguish at Stepwise and created instructions on installed OpenSSH 2.9.9p2 on MacOS X. I have installed and tested this on my own system and it's working fine. You need to install 3...
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    SMB over commandline

    In 10.1 you can connect to SMB shares by going to the Go menu and clicking Connect to Server. You enter the information: smb://domainname;user@host/share Is there a way to do this via command line?
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    Mapping Windows share via CLI

    Is this doable?
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    Olympus D-460 and Image Capture

    Has anyone been able to get any Olympus cameras, specifically the D-460, to work with Image Capture? Thanks :) Gary
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    Lots of apps

    Okay here's my computer running every app I have installed. I should have installed Office too, but I don't use it and I don't need MS bloatware crashing Classic and ruining my fun. One note, the system ran fine with all of this going on. Launching an app was slow, but working in a currently...
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    My screenshot :)

    Here's my current screenshot
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    starting imapd

    Has anyone been able to start imapd in OS X?
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    Auto power up after power cycle.

    Is there a way to have my Mac power up automatically after a power cycle? Here's my situation. I have an APC Power Admin which basically allows me to telnet in and cycle power to upto 8 devices. Well, if my Mac crashes I want to be able to connect to the APC and cycle the power so that it...
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    OS X boots into OS 9 after crash

    Hmm sometimes if my machine would lock up I would have to force reboot it, and it will reboot into OS 9. Has anyone seen this happen? It happened with all builds of the OS X release. :( On a side note, I have since reinstalled and haven't had any freezes, unsure of the nature of the freeze. I...
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    changing the ftpd port

    Hi all, I want to change the port ftpd uses. :) Currently my Mac is behind a Linksys firewall/router. Ports 21, 22, and 80 are open. I want to put the ftpd on some non-standard port just to add a little to security. As a test, I went into /etc/services and changed ftp's line to look like...
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    Rebooting into 9.1 after a crash

    Sometimes, after a crash, my computer will boot into 9.1 when I hit the rest button. Anyone else seeing this? It bothers me because I have an APC Power Admin that I can use to remote reboot my box in case of a failure. I'd hate to remote reboot and end up in 9. :(
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    10.0.4 messed my cpomputer up :(

    10.0.4 sucks for me. Ever since installing it I get weird stuff happening. Specifically, when I open any classic app that uses TCP/IP the system will go into an infinite freeze.... spinning rainbow cursor, unpingable, cannot SSH into it. My only recourse is a hard reboot. This only started...
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    My screen shot.

    It's nothing fancy but here it is. My OS X screen shot
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    Uninstalling .pkg files

    How do you uninstall a .pkg? In NeXT you could go to /Library/Receipts, 2x click on the .pkg you want to get rid of and voila it's gone. Doing the same in OS X takes you through the install process again. :( Any ideas?
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    My favorite TextEditor, TexEdit, is now Carbonized :)
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    Compiled screen 3.9.8

    the old school window manager screen is available for OSX.