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    Racer - anyone seen this?

    I just discovered Racer and can't believe I'd never heard of it before. It's a driving simulation for Mac, PC, and Linux using OpenGL and it's really good. It's rather rough around the edges (only version 0.5) but still a lot of fun. You can download extra cars and tracks from Racer Xtreme...
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    Problems with Unreal Tourn. 2004 DVD on G5

    I recently bought a G5 and to put it to the test also bought Unreal Tournament 2004. This comes on DVD and I'm having right royal problems getting it to mount. You need it in the drive to play the game - although the actual game files are now on my hard disk (stupid copy protection annoying...
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    Ordered my Dual 1.8ghz - ship date is 2months!

    I've finally made my mind up and ordered a dual 1.8ghz Power Mac with 1gb RAM and the nvidia 6800 ultra. That's the good news, now the bad. Ship date is on (or before) 29th October!!!!! I'm going to go mad waiting that long. Seems the graphic card is the hold up - I wanted the best one for...
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    More choice please Apple!

    Apple 20inch cinema display = 999 UKP. Apple 20inch 1.8ghz G5 iMac = 1,349 UKP. Therefore 1.8ghx G5 box must be worth around 350 UKP. I realise this is pretty simplistic but still, can't be a million miles from the truth. So, if Apple sold a headless box (with suitably cool design) with all...
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    Bandwidth usage meter?

    Anyone know of a decent broadband bandwidth usage meter for OS X? Just got broadband and I have a 2gb a month limit but no easy way to check it out. Freeware ideally! ;o)
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    USB Smartmedia Card Reader Problems

    Hello all, I have an old Olympus C-920 Zoom digital camera and I'm having problems getting the pictures from it onto my iBook. As it is old it has a serial connection that works OK (ish) with my old G3 desktop and OS 9 but as I don't use that much anymore I was hoping I could get to work...
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    CVS across two macs?

    I've been using project builder for a while to develop a Java/JSP project. The project has got to a reasonable size and it's been getting complicated when I want to make large scale changes. I've set up CVS on my iBook (where I do most of my work these days) and that seems to be working...
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    OS X updates on magazine cover CDs??

    What do people think about Apple's policy (as I believe it is) of only allowing you to get OS X updates (e.g. 10.2.4) via Apple. As a modem user at home it's no fun downloading them over the 'net. Luckily we have a stupidly quick connection at work so I just take my iBook in every now and again...
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    S/MIME on OS X????

    Can anyone here shed any light on using S/MIME emails on Mac OS X? It appears on the face of it that only Netscape's mail client supports it (I haven't actually tried it myself yet as I'm asking on behalf of someone else). Anyone got any experience of it? Can it be done using a UNIX...
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    I just bought the new 800mhz iBook (plus airport question!)

    Hurrah! Sorry, suddenly felt the need to share my joy with the rest of the world! Whilst I'm here - I also have an old beige G3 and I'm guessing there's no way of hooking the two together using airport, is this correct? Anyone else got any useful tips for doing it the old fashioned way...
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    bad Jakob Nielsen, bad!

    Just read the following on Dolled-up variant of windows! Pah! Why I oughta....! ;)
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    Which Mac should I buy?

    OK mac community, help me decide which shiny new Mac should be my next machine. I currently have an ancient G3 300mhz/320mb Ram machine - the beige AV one. I've had it 4 years (I think). I wanna use the shiny new machine for the following... Web Development (Tomcat, JSP, Apache...
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    How about this in the new macs?

    What are the chances of getting one of these babies in the new PowerMacs? Slim, unlikely, or no chance?
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    RCA audio ports on beige G3

    I've just decided to get back into making strange noises (music) with my Mac and have hit a problem. My RCA ports seem to be getting ignored by OS X. Back in the day on OS 8.6 I used to pipe my Roland MC-303 through my Mac into my stereo (303 out to mac RCA in / mac RCA out to stereo RCA...
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    limiting cpu usage on individual apps

    Watching iTunes eat up large chunks of my CPU usage when playing (often 25-30%) I got to wondering if it was possible to limit CPU usage on an app by app basis. Then I thought, hmmm - this smells like something some obscure UNIX command can probably do. I guess in the case of iTunes it...
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    What would your product line up be?

    If you were in charge of Apple's product line up, what options would you supply? At the moment we have iBooks, PowerBooks, PowerMacs, iMacs, and the xServe - all with various options and configurations. Every time any of these get upgraded the feature sets get better but the intial entry...
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    10.1.5 seems to have killed my php!

    Help! I think upgrading to 10.1.5 has broken my php install. I've been using the version from and have gone through the update procedure described there for 10.1.5. However, phpPGAdmin (used to admin a postgres database) seems to have stopped...
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    Lost Apache/PHP/Postgres support after updates!

    Bah! Updating to 10.1.4 (or perhaps the April Security update) has killed my PHP - postgresql support! I guess the version of PHP that comes as default with OS X (and thus the version that gets updated by software update) doesn't have Postgres support bulit in. I forget now, but I think...
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    Speech Recognition and US accent

    Hello all, I've been trying to get Speech recognition working under OS X after having quite a lot of fun with it in the past. However, it doesn't seem to be recogonising me as well as it used to. I've actually found that if I speak in a mock American accent it works much better...
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    Viewing OS X served pages in Classic on on same machine

    Hello, I'm using Mac OS X (10.04) on Beige G3 300mhz 192mb RAM. I'm trying to connect to my OS X apache/tomcat server from within the Classic environment. Inside OS X you can simply use to connect but this doesn't work when using a browser inside Classic. Is there any way...