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  1. SGilbert

    Protection help

    My beloved MBP has to go back to Apple tomorrow for, probably, a new battery. Bottom panel is swollen on both sides. Problem is, however, I have sensitive data in my Dropbox folder. I cannot just copy & delete the folder as I use most of the data also on my iPhone (which will be my only...
  2. SGilbert

    Shrink software

    Curious if anyone has come across software or a way to shrink a page or screen just the opposite of Control + 2 fingers up? I do a lot go genealogy work and often a cannot take a screen shot of a page because it is larger than my 15" MBP van handle. (OH how I miss my 17" MBP!) I can squeeze in...
  3. SGilbert


    Is there a clipboard folder for a multiple clips app. I use Kopypasta. What I want to do is open a recent Time Machine backup and resurrect an item from Kopypasta's clipboard that I lost. I have searched all possible combos on my current HD, and haven't found where they may be stored. Ideas?
  4. SGilbert

    What have I done?

    Some how, some way, I've created a divider in ALL folders; as shown. I've tried everything to remove, and cannot. I've been through 'Get info', and View. Cannot remove it. I can drag the divider to the right, but it returns, and applies to ALL folders. I need a forehead slap hint please.
  5. SGilbert

    System password

    I'm getting fed up with having to enter my password whenever adding or updating anything in Utilities folder. Do not have to do it in Applications folder. It's been this way for a long time, and I'm sooo tired of it. Anyway to correct, fix, or alter this??
  6. SGilbert

    Renew Certificate!

    Safari locked you out; Firefox let me overide it's block. Your certificare expired yesterday November 4th. We count on your help, and helping.
  7. SGilbert

    Who PO'd Who?

    The spam posts have really been rampant lately. I wish I had that much spare time on my hands.
  8. SGilbert


    Can't 'larry page' get permanently banned??
  9. SGilbert

    Hi Sierra Problem

    Posted this in 'sticky' above, but no replies. Will I have a better chance here? Anyone have this too? Solutions? Ever since the supplemental 10.13.2 update, I (and my wife's) MBP's have a long lag before anything shows up on the desktop. Screen shots, App downloads, dmg opening, etc. Anything...
  10. SGilbert

    Tech Support Posts?

    What the H is with all these tech support postings? Any idiot with a problem can find help in a few clicks--no need to post!
  11. SGilbert

    Safe Browsing Quitting!

    Since updating to OS 10.12.2 several days ago, the attached has been popping up quite often. Anyone else have the problem? Know any way to eliminate it? I have forwarded many to Apple, but now just 'Ignore' it. It is a royal PIA!!!!
  12. SGilbert

    Older Apple Computers

    Just posted this to Craig's List. If anyone here is interested, post here and we can make arrangements for delivery. I just want them gone! Price highly negotiable. "THREE older Apple computers: -Apple IIIc with 8Mb Zip chip -Apple Performa 475 -Apple PowerMac G3 tower Includes: 1 Apple...
  13. SGilbert

    Vpn Help

    Several months ago, I installed something that was to protect my iPhone from 'prying eyes' at public WiFi sites. Since a few weeks ago, with a new Facebook update, I cannot get recent posts on FB! No amount of restarting helps. Popup says "Network Trouble". Happens every several days...
  14. SGilbert

    File Count?

    Just realized that what used to be at the bottom of any open folder--file/item count--is missing. Apparently it has been for some time. Didn't realize it until today while burning over 1500 mp3's and wanted to split them up evenly. Grrrr--had to count! When did Apple, in their infinite...
  15. SGilbert

    Baffling Keyboard

    Driving me nuts trying to get back to normal. Was fiddling in system prefs the other day, and somehow turned something on (or off). Now, every time i hit the fn, control,, option, & command keys, it flashes on the upper right of the screen. Driving me bonkers trying to reset, but to no avail...
  16. SGilbert

    Flash Versions?

    Can someone clear up my confusion in regard to the difference between: NPAPI Plug-in version and PPAPI Plug-in version? Flash, in System Preferences lists both, and each has a separate download. It's getting to be a pain updating both, which seem to be practically weekly.
  17. SGilbert

    Opinion Please

    I just bought a new MBP. I tried to outsmart Apple, but it seems they outsmarted me. I wanted the 2.8 I7 and 256 flash drive. Not available, even for order, so I selected 2.2 and upped it to 2.8. That worked. Just received it yesterday. Turns out that I do not have the AMD Radeon R9 M370X...
  18. SGilbert

    Apple Watch

    Isn't it time to add the Apple Watch to the iOS section?
  19. SGilbert

    Delete Iphoto

    With OS 10.10.3, we now have Photos to replace iPhoto (and Aperture). Started up Photos for a quick 'look see'. It found all my pics. Started up iPhoto to find that all pics have been migrated to Photos. All good---so far. Went to EasyFind and searched iPhoto to delete it. WOW--over 400 files...
  20. SGilbert

    Update Or New?

    Here's my dilemma. I have 2008 MBP, 2.6GHz Core 2 Duo, 4G RAM, 7200rpm HD; Wife has 2014 MBP, 2.5GHz I7, 16G RAM, SSD. Her's FLIES!! Ever since I updated to Yosemite, I CRAWL. :( (Under Snow Leopard, it was fairly speedy....and NO, I won't go back) Although Apple says 4G RAM is max...