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  1. acidtuch10

    iLife 09 Powermac G5 install issues.

    Has anyone ever had this issue? Previously i read of "itunes helper" that causes this to not install and produce this error. However the activity monitor shows no helper running. This is a PowerMac G5 with 10.5.8 installed Any ideas?
  2. acidtuch10

    News-Group reader

  3. acidtuch10

    OS X contextual menu image preview

    Looking for an OS X contextual menu image preview - Something similar to fruitmenu from unsanity - but I am looking for something that is free can anyone point me in the right direction? Thank you
  4. acidtuch10

    RR Dial Access removal

    Happy Holidays everyone..... I installed Roadrunner dial access on my ibook, since then though I have canceled my service and am using another ISP... But the RR software does not come with an uninstaller. So when you go to internet connect Road runner seems to be hard coded in there, with...
  5. acidtuch10

    clear clipboard

    Does anyone know how to clear the clipboard in 10.4.1? I have searched numerous forum and am unable to find an answer. Thanks
  6. acidtuch10

    Biege X 2

    For sale $50 for both and everything else - you pick up from area code 63026. Two beige computers, both boot and run good. 1 - is a 233mhz , Internal ZIP 100, Floppy CD ROM, 2 gig and a 3 gig ATA drives, 128 MB ram, OS8.6 2 - is a 333mhz running @ 400mhz, 384 MB of Ram, 4 gigs ATA and 2...
  7. acidtuch10


    Unable to find anything using the search… So a few questions and maybe someone can help? I have a B&W with OS9 and OS X installed and a 9gig SCSI as a DATA drive. But would like to install open Darwin on this. 1. Once installed can the start up panel in OS9 or OS X be used to boot open...
  8. acidtuch10

    I tunes Smart playlist

    Does anyone know of a script or app that will add " Add to smart playlist" when I right click on a album or group of songs with in my main libarary view? I think it'll be allot easier for me verse using keyboard commands or going through the menu bar. I just want to right click and select...
  9. acidtuch10

    Beige + 20' Monitor + Scanner

    For sale in the St Louis area. Due to the size and weight of these I prefer not to ship. Beige G3 400 MHZ oc'd stable 2 gig SCSI Drive ( OS 9 ) 6 gig ATA Drive 384 Megs of ram ATTO SCSI Card 50/68 pin IX Micro Video card 8mb ATI Rage pro on the mother board with 6 megs of VRAM ( The...
  10. acidtuch10

    PCI Wireless

    Just curious to know if anyone can recommend a PCI 802.11 b/g adaptor that will work in a Beige G3 Loaded with OS9 and Yellowdog Linux. I would like to have wireless in both OS’s. I have also debated on getting a WiFI to Ethernet Bridge such as the ones from Linksys for games systems. Any one...
  11. acidtuch10

    Beige MT upgraded to a G4 500

    Incase anyboby is interested..ebay'in a Beige MT... ----> follow the link
  12. acidtuch10

    XLR8 upgrade

    I have a XLR4 G4 500 from a beige G3 I purchased; well I just acquired a B&W 350mhz. Can I install (after the firmware patch) the G4 CPU into the B&W and run OSX with out buying the MACHspeed Control X software. And if need be can I revert to the G3 (origanal CPU) with the patched firmware...
  13. acidtuch10

    WTB - G4 Logic Board AGP

    Hopping someone can help me out, I have a nice case (G4 AGP graphics) and am looking to put it back together, I have the CD, ZIP, Cables and such. But am having a hard time finding a Motherboard. If anyone can help, I have some things to trade or could buy out-right. Thanks Acidtuch10...
  14. acidtuch10


    What to do: So I bought beige 266 from a friend for 100 bucks with a 19-inch monitor and SCSI zip and UMAX 1220s scanner. This has a 48x CD ROM installed and a 2-gig SCSI drive and a 4 GIG ATA drive installed. I reformatted everything and took out the 4 gig drive installed a 10 gig drive...
  15. acidtuch10

    SyncMaster 997DF

    Does anyone have this monitor and how would you rate it ??? Curious to know cause I may buy one, just can't afford a LCD right now...
  16. acidtuch10

    Safari contextual Menu

    Safari contextual Menu when I right click on a link it should say Open in new window, new tab ---etc ..... But instead I get "Localized string not found" Does any one know how to fix this? Picture Thanks everyone ! acidtuch
  17. acidtuch10

    Roxios - Motion Picture

    When trying to export a bunch of pics to a mov I am getting an I/O error < see attached photo > I have searched all over Roxios site and have found nothing. Has anyone seen this error? Appreciate any help. thanks
  18. acidtuch10


    I picked up a Mad Dog DOMINATOR CD RW 52x32x52 from Office max this week for $4.95 - after rebates. Does anyone have any experience with these ? And are they Mac OS X compatiable ???? Using it in my BeBox I build and it seems to work great, just curious to know if I do need it for my G4- will...
  19. acidtuch10

    Batch rename ?

    Question on how to do a rename ( .zip to .mp3) in a directory with multiple files? ..... I have done this using a PC .... but now I don't have access to a PC and I am only using my Mac ~ 10.3~ , But am unsure on how to do a batch rename ... Like ... I would like to equal...