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  1. eleveneastgate

    Michael Jackson cleared on all counts!

    Check this out: Triumph on Jacko It's hilarious!
  2. eleveneastgate

    12" PowerBook G4; hard-drive failure?

    If you wanna send it out, check: OR If you're brave enough, D.I.Y. Peace!
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    12" PowerBook G4; hard-drive failure?

    Go to the Genius Bar at your local Apple Store. OR Since you've only had it for a few months, you can call the Apple help line (Phone # on your invoice) and tell them whats going on. If they can't walk you through a solution on the phone, they'll send you a box so you can send it back to...
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    I'm over it. Are you?

    After watching Steve and listening to this , I felt better...
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    Intel/Apple merger?

    An informative Podcast about this can be found here
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    DVD Burner Suggestions

    I've read good things about LaCies in various Mac Forums, you might wanna check those... I recently thought my SD on my PB was not working properly, it turns out I was using crappy discs. Moral: Don't buy crappy NO NAME discs, try TDKs...
  7. eleveneastgate

    PB 12" SD stopped burning...

    Thanks... rocks! :D
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    Little problems with Garage Band

    How much RAM you got in her? Max her out when you get the chance... :D
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    Can I upgrade my 30GB HD to 100GB? Using a 800MHz G3 iBook

    Try MCE Ind. and this link OR Get an extenal HD and use it via FireWire. I've heard LaCie makes good ones. :D Peace!
  10. eleveneastgate

    MCE Ind. iB G3 900MHz SuperDrive mod

    Yes. I'm gonna do this inna couple of months... then stick the 60G HD into a case so I can have one as an external.
  11. eleveneastgate

    PB 12" SD stopped burning...

    GOOD ONE! I think I'll do that FIRST. My PB is in very good shape, no scratches or nicks. I'd hate for it to come back otherwise, and I've read some horror stories. Should I wipe the whole thing clean or do a archive and install? BTW, the drive is able to play DVDs & CDs, so I guess...
  12. eleveneastgate

    MCE Ind. iB G3 900MHz SuperDrive mod

    People... Those with a iB G3 900MHz, would you consider doing this modification to your iB? Any thoughts?
  13. eleveneastgate

    PB 12" SD stopped burning...

    Yeah... It's still under Apple's 1 year warranty. I was hoping I'd be able to solve this without sending it in, but it looks like i just might have to. BTW, I tried burning in iTunes & Toast, no go... Thanks again!
  14. eleveneastgate

    PB 12" SD stopped burning...

    Yea, unfortunately I tried what you mentioned... (restart, repair permissions, repair disk, try a new user account, etc.) and nothing worked. Did the compressed air thingy too, no go... I waited a while... Thanks for your time in trying to help me solve this, I REALLY appreciate it!
  15. eleveneastgate

    PB 12" SD stopped burning...

    Thanks for your reply... I'm Burning @ 4X. I had NO problems with the previous burns, it's just acting up now...
  16. eleveneastgate

    PB 12" SD stopped burning...

    Greetings... Anyone ever get: ... when trying to burn a music CD? I've had my PB for about 2 months, and I just started burning DVDs & CDs. All together I've burned 1 DVD & 5 CDs. When trying to burn more music CDs, I get the above message. I used Disc Utility & reset the PMU to...
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    Is iBook's Airport Reception Really Better Than The Powerbook?

    Yes, from my experience the iB's have better Airport reception then the PB's. For example, in my APT my iB's Airport signal is ALWAYS full on (4 bars). With my PB it fluxuates from 4 to 3 bars. My guess, it has to do with the Plastic housing of the iB VS. the aluminum housing of the PB ---...
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    OWC offers SuperDrive burners for most Macs

    Greetings! I saw this advert too, and I agree, OWC is a very good Company. I purchased 1G RAM from them and had no problems with it! Anyways... Will this SD work inna iBook G4 (1.07)? Thanks!