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  1. Powermaster Play audio on receive

    Hello all. I have Vonage and part of the cool things about it is the voice-mail. The Voice-mail will automatically e-mail me a copy of the audio. I would like to have the audio file play automatically as soon as it is received. I am currently running on Mac os 10.3.9 I know its getting...
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    Email Server

  3. Powermaster

    IISi Or newer wanted.

  4. Powermaster

    Wall Plates

    Hello, I will be wiring a network in my home (yes wired) I am looking for face plates for the network connection box. I am looking for face plates that have activity lights so that one can tell at a seconds glance if the network is up and running or not. Thanks for your help and suggestions.
  5. Powermaster

    Wireless USB Hub

    Hello, I am looking for a Wireless USB hub where you can plug a wireless adapter to the back of your laptop and then be able to connect multile devices to your laptop without having to use wires with my wireless laptop. Please let me know if you know of one. Thanks
  6. Powermaster

    Wireless to Wired

    Hello, I need to make a wireless network connect to a wired. I am looking for an adapter to take wireless and make it work with my wired network. So basically a reciving adapter that would connect to the ethernet of the wired network router. What adapter do I need and how much would that cost?
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    Dose anyone know of an Application for windows that is capable of writting and or reciving ICal Documents? I would like to have my iCal on my GirlFriends PC. (She is converted just tring to save up for an iBook) :-) Thanks for the help.
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    old but wireless?

    I have an old PowerWave by PowerComputing. The powerWave currently has a 1/10 Ethernet card in one of its PCI slots. Do you think it possible to put a wireless card in? Specs: 192 mb ram Mac os 9.1 If you do know if this is possible can you possibly post a link as well? Thanks for...
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    Site Suggestions

    Could some members go to my site and tell me what you like/dislike? Dose it look any-good? Thanks for your help
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    Whats up with the X amount of time till is reborn?
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    Can't download MacOSX Client

    I can not download the Macosx chat client. Can someone give me a different link? Here is my error. "Could not open the page “” because the network connection was reset. This sometimes occurs when the server...
  12. Powermaster

    30 day post

    This is a 30 day. The forum closes if no one posts with in 30 days. What do you know about that?
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    Just like to take a moment to create another topic and say Hello to all the moderators, admins, and supporters of this site. Hello!
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    iSync 1.1 sucks

    iSync 1.1 dose not connect to my Ericsson r520m. When searching the phone beeps says synchronization started then quickly says synchronization completed. The computer then says that the no devices found. 1.0 worked fine. I wish I never upgraded. Dose anyone have iSync 1.0 Archived...
  15. Powermaster

    Backlit Keyboard

    I am looking for a USB backlit keyboard for my iMac. Is there a such thing? Can you give a URL? Are there any Wireless ones?
  16. Powermaster

    Open Firmware Error

    I am having a huge problem with my iMac 333mhz. When I start up it comes up with the following message: Defaulf Catch! Code=300 at %SRR0: FF80B1A0 %SRR1: 0000B030 I can not think of anything I did to cause this problem. I have tried the following commands: RESET-NVRAM...