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    Classic revisted

    I have 9.04 installed on the first of 2 partitions. Running on a G4 450 with 256 mb ram / 20 gb hd. And it flat out does not work. Have set extensions to base set. Infact very little does, internet explorer, will not even load. I am getting really shafted by this beta, thank god i...
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    The classic environment, begins to load, I get the windows with the mac smiling in it, and then just closes? what am i doing wrong? i have mac os 9 installed on a second partition.
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    Internet Explorer

    Internet Explorer will not run, the application which somes with the OS does nothing when double clicked or openned.
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    I have just installed the beta, and i cant browse or see any other computers on my network. I go to the network section in the finder, and then to servers, but there is nothing there. I have configured tcp/ip and appletalk We have a AppleShare Server, a Windows 2000 server that can be...