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    Mighty Mouse won't scroll up!

    Hi I had this exact same problem myself recently. I repaired permissions and rebooted and it seems to have gone away. Not much of an answer, but it's what worked for me. Dave
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    Downloading PDF with Safari

    hi - I find it convenient to have PDFS display in my browser at times but not always. In case you have not discovered this, try a control-click on a PDF in a browser window. This will give you the option of viewing it within the Preview program, which offers more options for PDFs. Dave
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    Osx Tiger And Epson 1280

    Hi, I also have an Epson 1280 printer, using it with a new iMac g5. It's printing, but the color rendition is so horrible that it's making me consider returning the Epson which I purchased with the iMac. (Printer is a factory reconditioned one from Epson direct.) Never had trouble getting it to...
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    Slide Show Iphoto 5 Won't Fit to Music

    Q: I have a slide show of 94 photos which I want to run with a music bed. I want each slide to show for one second. I have tried several times to make this stay on one second per image, but the show always runs over.... the song by itself in iTunes runs 4:04, so it's not too short at all. I...
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    Transferring Imovie Project to Quicktime

    Hi, I would ask first how much free space you have on the start up disk where iMovie is installed. It may be that you do not have much space left on it. I believe that iMovie won't export to that external drive unless you have the entire project and the iMovie application on that external...
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    Preferences constantly getting corrupted

    Hi, I found when helping a designer who bought a G4 with an add-on SCSI card that he stopped having problems as soon as we yanked that card. I'm not an expert on this, but my sense of things suggests that SCSI is just not meant to play nicely with OS X and newer Macs, despite what their makers...