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    Querying my network

    This weekend I did a tidy up, and removed a lot of redundant equipment. This led me to change my network a little bit. My network is working fine, but I want some information about it. I set up my wireless access points using my PC, which I no longer have. They work, but there is no mac...
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    Free firewalls, or is it even needed?

    I've been running my OS X firewall with no problems for months, but I've just got a PSP and it won't connect via Airport with the firewall switched on. I've tried opening the recommended TCP and UDP ports but it makes no difference. So I'd like to try other Firewalls, but I don't want to pay...
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    Bad files names in backup

    I've just got myself a 40GB external USB drive to use to backup the user folders on my Mac. My plan was to just grab the Users folder and copy it, but I'm running into problems, and it's mostly to do with filenames. MSN Messenger saves its logs with a date, and the date includes the @ symbol...
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    Connecting From Airport to Dlink

    I cannot seem to get my mac to find my wireless network. I have a network called RSWireless, and a dlink wireless access point that worked perfectly on my PC network. My mac is plugged into my broadband router, and I'd like to share this connection with my PC and my consoles. In the past the...
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    Backup software recommendations

    Coming from the PC world I'm still finding my OSX feet. Anyway, I do like to periodically backup my data and email. Sometimes this is as simple burning a CD or DVD, but I wondered if there were any other solutions out there? There are 2 users on my Mac, so I want to back up both uses...
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    Part of wireless network not working - Netgear access point

    First post, I hope you can help me. I've just made the switch from my PC to my new Mac. Things have been going well. Previously I had my DSL modem/router plugged into the ethernet of my PC, and with Internet connection sharing active I shared my link via a USB wireless device. My Xbox had a...