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    Mac Mail Receiving 'mime-attachment'

    A-ha! Just had a mime-attachment in an email - turns out to be a simpe thing to open the little feller. It seems that there was a Word doc in there somewhere. Good ole TextWrangler. By adding ".doc" to the file it opens up nicely at least in TextEdit: I'd rather chew off a limb than let...
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    466Mhz G4 - what OS to install? :-)

    Hi again - funnily enough today there's an interesting enough article over at MacDevCentre not so much about "Scripting Dot Mac" as an overview of setting up your own server on various flavours.
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    466Mhz G4 - what OS to install? :-)

    Hiya AdmiralAK - I actually meant using the client version of the OS. You can tinker away all you want - no restrictions on the number of users, full powered BSD. If you want another "flavour" of OS visible in your office you could log in as console and avoid the Mac GUI. The main issues...
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    466Mhz G4 - what OS to install? :-)

    Why not stick with Panther? You'd be able to do anything that the Server version of the OS can - but you may have to do it under the hood where BSD is already running things. Gabs (Dissafected ex-user of Mac OS X Server 10.2.x)
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    what's yr favorite illustrator/photoshop forum

    Your first port of call should be I used to frequent the Acrobat-Macintosh forum and can vouch for that one (the usual varied mix of knowledge levels and opinion but a very good resource). I expect the others forums to be similar. Gabs
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    PhotoToolCM 2.0 It does a whole-lotta-stuff for free - but the killer bit for me is that it can add EXIF data to old photo scans in batches. Brilliant simple and quick. The perfect way to remedy the failings of both Extensis Portfolio 7 (unusable EXIF date editing) and iPhoto 4 (avoids...
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    Converting .mov songs to iPod compatible files

    Hi Bob - could you please expand - I'll be "darned" if I can find how to get my copy of Audio Hijack Pro to convert a .mov file to an audio file without having to play it in real time. Gabs [note to censors: sorry but I though that I'd self censored enough by the careful use of asterisks...
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    What the big deal with HD video?

    HD is much better than regular ole NTSC or PAL. Its a simple question of resolution - six times more I think. I don't know if the new camera you're talking avbout has 3 CCDs or not - that a separate issue that deals with the quality of image capture. (3 CDD devices provide much richer colours -...
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    Converting .mov songs to iPod compatible files

    Try The QuickTime Player again - you should be able to go File->Export->Sound to AIFF - boom - sound file ready for import back into iTunes. This will be a long-winded process do do manually on a large number of file (unless you know some scripting) but its much faster than real time (under...
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    Mac Mini: do I need a screen?

    Hey bookem - I could never get a VNC connection to work until I used Apple's Remote Desktop 2 Client software. Install that and you'll get a VNC server. It only works in 10.3 Panther - but even though its supposedly a little slow its very easy to set up and its the only VNC to support multiple...
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    How do I make a font?

    Now that this thread is cold and as a by-the-way... I just had to dig out an old job only to find that one of the fonts used had become corrupt. Tried Suitacase and FontDoctor to fix it - no joy. So tried to see if I could find an old backup copy of Fontographer. Luckily - there it was -...
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    Root user unable to change ownerships???

    First up - have you checked & repaired the drive's permissions in Disk Utility like Cheryl suggested? Is this data backed-up anywhere? Is it valuable? Get info used to be really crappy about changing ownerships and permissions - especially when applied recursively. I suppose it still is. You...
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    Mac Mini: do I need a screen?

    [missed Decado's post - D'oh. It's beautifully simple.. but does it work with a fresh mini? ] Couple of things to add/question... For remote access (VNC style); which video cards need a dongle to keep the OS drawing the display even when none is attached? Anyone out there got a mini that...
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    How do I make a font?

    OS X can handle PC true-type fonts. This feature's been around for over four years and was one of the OS X things that were very [cool]. I've only had to use PC true types a couple of times (in InDesign) and had no problems. I still want my copy of Fontographer back though... Blub blub...
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    How do I make a font?

    There's a tech note on the Fontographer system reqiurements that details the need to install the non-FPU version of the program to enable it to work in Classic... (I wish I could remember who "borrowed" my copy of the Freehand Graphics Studio all those years back. Freehand 5.5, xRes (anyone...
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    iPhoto beef

    This and at least one other serious issue (FW problem as noted around these parts by perfesor bob) and I've just cancelled my order! What a pisser - I was really looking forward to those nested folders, double sided books and improved speed! So much for "completely rearchitected to deliver...
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    firewire network, pc/mac

    Potentially irrelevant but... IP-Over-Firewire's been built into OS X since 10.3. But even on a Mac only network it took me a while to figure out that to get it working concurrently with my ethernet/wi-fi network I needed to use a totally different IP range-d'oh! I.e. my ethernet/Wi-Fi...
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    Padlocked folder and invisible music on external drive

    I don't know how to unlock (or lock) a folder in OS X. Perhaps an obscure Developer Tool, or an arcane bit of OS 9... As for finding out how much is actually stored in the folder try Disk Usage command in Terminal. To get a reading in KB (remove the 's' to get the individual sizes flying by...
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    Padlocked folder and invisible music on external drive

    Verify & backup your backup (It's not a back-up any more!) Could be due to a different UserName (or UserID number if the name's the same) associated with your new account - this sort of thing has happened to me. The best way is to reslove this sort of permissions issue is via the terminal as...
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    I own Char's Powerbook

    NICE TUNE! (wat het is?) Gabs