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    Airport help please

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    Hard disk - how to proceed? Part 2

    The scenario is a failed hard disk containing some photo files that I want to save if at all possible. The advice below (thanks guys!) was to try DiskWarrior or to start up the iMac as a Firewire drive whilst linked to another Mac and copy over the files. I bought DiskWarrior and ran it, it...
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    Hard disk problem - how to proceed?

    I have a G4 flat-screen iMac running OSX Panther. Yesterday it completely froze up, and on trying to reboot I was faced with a plain grey screen with just a small folder icon and within it alternating a Finder "face" logo and a question mark. By searching this site today I learned how to get...
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    Sudden Internet access problem

    I have an iBook (800mz G3) running OSX 10.2.8, which I've had wirelessly connected to the internet via Airport (original, not extreme). For over a year this has worked fine, but suddenly I can't access any websites. The Internet Connect utilty reports that it is connected with a strong signal...
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    Airport help please

    Hope someone can help a non-technical person with an Airport problem. I had a working set-up with my iMac connected directly to a router, and an Airport base station wich my Airport-carded iBook uses to connect to the internet. I wanted to add a PC to the network, and was having some...
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    Airport help please

    First of all, merry Christmas and happy New Year to all! I'd very much appreciate some advice with the following problem. For about a year I have had a flatscreen iMac and internet connection via a Speedtouch 510 router to the ADLS service provided by Pipex (I'm in England by the way). This...
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    iPod / iTunes problem

    Anyone able to help with the following problem? I've just bought my daughter an iPod for her birthday, but having loaded it up with all the tracks in our iTunes library we'd like to delete some of them from the iPod. According to Apple's documentation this should just require us to select the...
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    Trivial point, but I think the clock on this site is wrong. At the bottom of each page it says "All times are GMT" and just now it was saying "time now is 07:42pm". BUT!, it is currently 07:42pm local time in England, and since we are currently in British Summer Time (BST) it is in fact...
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    I'm so happy!

    Hi everyone, I'm a recent convert to Macs after years of using windoze. I use PCs at work (I'm in investment banking - no chance of finding Apple products there!) and have had two at home. The home PC was getting out of date and I was thinking about replacing it, when the new flat screen...
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    iPhoto upgrade

    Hi folks I have iPhoto 1.0, and I see from Apple's site that iPhoto 1.1.1 is now available. However when I select Software Update from System Preferences it tells me that my software is all up to date. Any idea what the problem is? Should I just download iPhoto 1.1.1 from scratch?
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    Opening files from CD-Rom

    Apologies in advance if this is a really stupid question, but I've looked hard for an answer in "Help" and on this site without luck. How do I open a file from a CD-Rom in an application such as Appleworks? When I click File/Open I find that I am able to browse any folders that are on the...
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    Configure Sleep mode?

    I have just aquired one of the flat-screen iMacs (my first Mac) and I've signed up for an ADSL internet connection service. The problem I have is that every time the Mac goes into "Sleep" mode", the USB modem loses its power supply and hence the connection to the ISP. I then have to restart...