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  1. Oscar Castillo

    Apple Store down for updates

    Thought about buying a new MacBook Pro for christmas and check the store recently and it's down. I'm guessing it's something not hardware related, being so close to christmas, but you never know.
  2. Oscar Castillo

    Parallels 3 & Linux

    Has anyone successfully installed either Fedora or Ubuntu? Tried Both, Fedora completely installs then on reboot it goes into a kernel panic. Ubunto doesn't install at all and I get some video corruption in the VM.
  3. Oscar Castillo

    G5 Powerbooks, finally???

    I can only hope Think Secret us right and the the wait is finally over. Credit card at the ready. Specs are about where I expected in terms of CPU speed. If true cool, althought the URL is kinda fishy. Check it out!
  4. Oscar Castillo

    10.4.1 update. Get it now!

    Lots more fixes than I had originally thought it would have.
  5. Oscar Castillo

    20" VS 23" Cinema Display

    I recall a short while ago there was mention of trouble with the 23" CD and some strange coloration of the screen. Is this still happening? I've been considering a 23" CD, but a dual 20" setup might be the way to go for me if there are still some issues with the 23". Does anyone know if it's...
  6. Oscar Castillo

    Any people say the premium on Macs is high.

    Check these out. Wouldn't of expected an AMD southbridge.
  7. Oscar Castillo

    The PC-Mini?

    I suppose we all knew it was bound to happen.
  8. Oscar Castillo

    Mac Mini Take Apart mov

    Check this link for a video on how to get inside the Mini. Surprisingly easy to do.
  9. Oscar Castillo

    PPC popularity

    For months I've been reading about PPC in XboxII. PPC in PSIII and perhaps even PPC in new Nintendo consoles. Which kinda gets me thinking about IBMs priorities in delivering these chips. Obviously any one of these consoles will outsell the combined sales of all Apple G5 systems, so I have to...
  10. Oscar Castillo

    Incase a G5 PowerBook isn't over the horizon

    Dual core G4s would certain me over until I can get a G5 PowerBook.
  11. Oscar Castillo

    What is this person thinking?

    Looks like Apple for got to mention this hideous beast at WWDC 2003.:D Surprised Apple lawyers haven't found this guy yet.
  12. Oscar Castillo

    FS: Dual PowerMac 867

    Check it out!
  13. Oscar Castillo

    4Ghz PowerPC??????!!!!!!!!!!!

    Incredible story if there is any truth to it, but indeed it would be a welcome sign that the PPC architecture has a bright future from current offerings. But considering that we may not even see a 2Ghz PPC until late 2003 early 2004. And the PPC 970 is only due to be released at 1.4 and...
  14. Oscar Castillo

    Unicode conversion

    lets says you have a string you want to print each character on a seperate line, since NSString is an array of Unicode characters I thought along these lines int x; NSString *str=@"an ordinary string"; for (x = 0; x < [str length]; x++) { NSlog(@"%d",[str characterAtIndex:x]); }...
  15. Oscar Castillo

    Paris keynote hints of faster machines.

    If you haven't caught the Steve Jobs' Paris keynote on the Apple site, he reached a point in the keynote when he talked about how 2003 will bring no OS 9 just Classic through OS X. He hinted at faster machines which may still sport the current "new" models look by saying "...All the new models...
  16. Oscar Castillo

    X-Serve RAID??!!!

    Cube-Zone spots XServes with RAID storage in Paris. No official mention I suppose. click me
  17. Oscar Castillo

    Apple Expo Paris MP4????

    Anyone know when or where I'd be able to get the MP4 or Quicktime of Apple Expo?
  18. Oscar Castillo

    Original idea for iTunes screensaver??

    Read the paragraph section I scanned from a book I came across tidying up my storage closet. A book from non other than Atari. Early iTunes?
  19. Oscar Castillo

    MOT to release 90 nanometer chips????

    Check this article at CNET which reports Motorola, STMicro and Philips to start production by the end of this year on 90 nanometer CPUS first a high-end version then a lower end version next year.
  20. Oscar Castillo

    New Gateway Commercial!!

    Anyone see the new Gateway commercial with the their iMac semi-ripoff jumping all over the iMac and giving it a raspberry? Like a direct slap in the face in public. Thoughts on this?