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    USB Powered External

    I'm in need of a larger hard drive to run my late 2012 2.3GHz i7 Mac mini. Currently, I have a Crucial 1tb (SSD) as a startup disk and the original 1tb platter drive installed in both bays. I would like to upgrade to a 2tb SSD external to use as a startup disk. All my external drives are powered...
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    Safari 11.1.2 "Please verify you are a human" help

    How do I get passed this page (attached) in Safari? Javascript is enabled in Preferences and cookies are enabled. This just started happening recently. In Firefox 70.0.1 the page comes up where I can verify that I am human.
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    iOS 12 downloads w/auto update disabled

    My wife has an iPhone 5s that has iOS 11.4.1(15G77) installed with the "update" setting disabled in Settings > iTunes & App Store. A few times now we have found our internet daily usage being used up by the iOS 12 update downloading even though she does not get a notice that there is a new iOS...
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    MM Photos Videos -> MBP -> TV

    I have a MM OSX 10.11.6 running Photos v1.5, a MBP OSX 10.13.5, all networked using an Airport Express v7.6.9. I can watch iTunes movies/videos from my MM when I connect my MBP to our TV using an HDMI cable. What I can't figure out is if I can watch the videos that are in my Photos app. The...
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    New Iphone Downloading

    We just got a couple iPhone 8s and I noticed our daily allotted bandwidth (475 MB) disappearing after we had set them up. I had disabled automatic updates from settings > my name > iTunes & App Store. On the other phone I noticed that apps were downloaded so I thought that was the reason our...
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    Airport Wifi Device

    I just noticed this on my early 2015 13 inch MBP Retina's Airport Device list under the list of networks, OS X 10.11.6. Is there some device connected to my MBP or is the MBP connected to some device?
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    Safari 10 Tab Weirdness

    I have Safari Version 10.0.2 (10602. running on my late 2012 Mac mini 10.10.5 oddness that I have never experienced before. When I open a new tab, enter the url of a site and while it's loading I go back to the other tab the site in the new tab loads up in the previous tab and the tab...
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    Safari 9.0.1 (10601.2.7.2) And Canon Site

    I just recently had some problems with my Canon printer so when I went to Canon's site to download and install drivers. I found I couldn't get the buttons (search, drivers and downloads etc.) to work. I tried it with Firefox and the site worked as intended. Is there any setting that I need to...
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    Software Update Not Listing Recent Updates

    Software Update is not showing the latest updates for my 2012 Mac mini OS X 10.8.5 other than Remote Desktop Client and iTunes. Sometimes one or the other don't show up at all. I've just learned that there is a security update, efi security update and a Mac mini efi update that's been out for...
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    Download To Mbp To Install In Mac Mini

    I would like to upgrade my 2012 MM OS X 10.8.5 with an SSD sometime but, I have pretty slow internet connection. 2 GB SD movies from iTunes download anywhere from 4 (fastest) to 8 (slowest) hours. I am wondering if I can download OSX 10.8 via Internet Recovery with my early 2008 MBP OS X 10.8.5...
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    Can The Airport Express….

    I currently use an old Linksys WRT54G v6 wireless router. I have tried to set it up to deny certain devices from connecting to the internet at certain times and days of the week using their MAC addresses. It worked for a while but sometimes instead of denying a device between the times of 12 am...
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    How do I transfer iTunes Extras to an iPhone 4s

    My son downloaded the Planes - iTunes Extras to install in his iPhone 4s but, it won't unless he chooses to erase everything on the iPhone and then sync the movie. He has some music on his phone that were downloaded directly but, aren't on any of our Macs. I noticed of all the movies in iTunes...
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    Where is the keychain info kept for an account?

    My keychain items disappeared when I changed my account password due to me spilling coffee on the keyboard this morning. I have a week old bootable backup but, I don't know where Keychain keeps the login items on the HD. Would it be the Keychain plist file of my account that I would need to copy...
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    IOS 7 iTunes Download Only option

    I started downloading IOS 7 with iTunes last night before going to bed, and when I checked on it this morning iTunes download window showed it was done. I just checked for it in ~/Library/iTunes/iPhone Software Updates and it's not there. Did Apple change where the download goes to? If I...
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    2012 Mac mini with 2 displays

    I just received my Dell U2412M with a 3rd party MiniDisplay port. Previously I had been using a Dell 2209WA connected to the MM via the HDMI port. I want to use the 2412 as the main display so after I set it up the Desktop showed up on the 2209 display. I switched the cables between the displays...
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    Updating Apps from iTunes

    I had some pending updates to some apps in iTunes, latest version, so I downloaded them and connected an iPhone 4s that has the latest software installed. Clicked on the iPhone in iTunes, then the Apps tab and then the "Update" buttons next to the apps that I just downloaded and clicked on the...
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    Voice Over?

    I was listening to my iTunes music when I connected a USB card reader to my Mac and I was surprised a voice said a USB device connected and the same happened when I ejected/disconnected it. As far as I know Voice Over is off on my early 2012 Mac mini 10.8.4. When i turned on VO...
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    iTunes error 9006

    I was trying to update my son's iPhone 4s to iOS 6.1.1 but I opted to "download only". After it was done downloading iTunes 11.0.1 was doing something, I forgot exactly what. Optimizing? Anyway iTunes showed the error 9006 and the download disappeared, 0 kb of XX. I did a Google search and found...
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    My MBP drive won't read/write to CDs & DVDs

    When I first got the MBP it burned Verbatim DVD-Rs 80% of the time and most of the CD-Rs that I had used. I initially thought that the batch of DVD-Rs weren't any good since I made so many coasters with them. Now I can't burn any DVDs/CDs with iTunes, Finder, Disk Utility etc. anymore, and now I...
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    Mac program like Migratr?

    Is there a Mac app like Migratr that can migrate photos from one Flickr account to another?