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    Carbon, Cocoa, Java

    I am having difficulty understanding the difference. I know that Carbon is something that is updated from Classic format to OS X, and Cocoa is OS X only. Java is supposed to run without recompile on all platforms with a Java Virtual Machine. (I.E. OS X, Mac OS Whatever, Windoze, Solaris) What I...
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    A request

    I have one simple request for people who have pirated their CDs from Hotline and are having trouble with the installation. don't bug us. Stuff that floats around on Hotline has a good chance of being corrupt, hello? How about going to by a legitimate copy before whining to us about it. it's only...
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    portable power loss

    a shot sidenote to those of you with portables talking how the battery is very quickly run down in sleep: those who think that the machine isn't fully off are right and wrong. The machine itself and its components seem to be off on the portables i've seen, but any powerbook with a fan, i.e. the...
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    RAM requirement is false????

    I found an interesting little tidbit at Apple's developer website. It seems that in their developer site, they only recommend 64MB ram, not 128. Kind of odd, yes?