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    cable dsl router on os x

    i follow directions the best I can but I simply cannot connect to the web.
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    cable dsl router on os x

    Has anyone successfully installed and configured a cable/dsl router for OS X? I have the Linksys Etherfast Cable/DSL Router and getting it to work for OS 9 is enough of a headache. Does anyone have detailed instructions or tips for it to work under OS X?
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    cd eject button on new pro keyboard - NO GOOD!

    the cd-rom eject button on the new apple pro keyboard doesn't seem to work in os x. anyone else have the same problem, and if so, is there a fix? or is this already a known documented bug?
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    Customer Service Horror!

    I know this is not your typical Mac OS X post but it's still an issue! I recently purchased the new Cube along with the new 17" Studio Display. The montor had slight distortion in upper right corner (possibly dead pixels). Settings in the Control Panel > Monitor did not fix. I called...
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    hi all.