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  1. Satcomer

    The best Home Security

    I’ve come to conclusion the best Security is loyal median/large Dog! We had a break-In when I was in and family dog (varied timid in day to day) practically became a guard Dog and bit into that crook’s leg until My Father got his Shotgun! Without that loyal Dog (May God rest his soul) we could...
  2. Satcomer

    Anyone left?

    Has everyone left? Seems awful dead in here lately! :(
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    What would you like to buy?

    On today’s Smart TV 4K time how much of the TV’s Smart function or do you use a TV box? I personally would like to buy a 4K dumb box and use multiple TV boxes for my Smart functions!
  4. Satcomer

    Information a Mac owner could use

    I will start off with Keyboard Service Program for MacBook and MacBook Pro Apple article might help some people!
  5. Satcomer

    DVD will still be in Mac OS Mojave

    According to the article Mojave Update App to 64-Bit, Allows for DVD playing on Macs still have it looks like we will external DVD/Blu-Ray players will still work! This looks good IMHO even though I will still have to use a third party app to play Blu-Ray disks!
  6. Satcomer

    Why the setup?

    Scott why the new setup? Did you go to different server setup?
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    Drving On Left Side Of The Road

    In my younger years in the Army I was Station in Japan for three years I had to get a car. Japan drives on the left side of the road! It was easy going from right side to the left in less than a day! When I came back to States it took me a couple of days to master drving on right side of the...
  8. Satcomer

    Beware Women In America

    After reading the article New York Law Banning Right To Bear Electronic Arms Faces Lawsuit I fought it might not be safe for Women in New York to arm themselves with a Stun Gun or Mace now and land you into jail to use against an attacker!
  9. Satcomer

    Goodbye Startup Bong

    I'm sad at the news that Long Live The Startup Chime. A moment of silence is needed! To bring the sound back fire up Terminal command (with an Admin password): sudo nvram BootAudio=%01
  10. Satcomer

    Wow Everything Is Exploding

    First for Samsung they had phones burning up and now they have washing machines exploding! Why would anyone trust this company anymore in any of their brands?
  11. Satcomer

    Come On Apple

    It's late Summer/Early Fall 2016 and most Macs don't support new Intel chips or USB3.1 and Thunderbolt 3! The current crop of Macs is now over a year old and is looking like Apple doesn't care anymore about their core of Macs. Then Apple wonders why Macs sales are going down!
  12. Satcomer

    Maybe A New Site Is Needed

    Scott, Maybe you should get the since OS X is no longer and nenamed!
  13. Satcomer

    [how To ] Break Comcast Cable Fees

    How by law you can get one from your Cable Company StoreThis little How To is brake the cable DVR rental fees at US Comcast: First learn about the US Law on Cable Cards! Then check out about buying a Tablo (plus a USB 2 2TB drive) and an HDHomeRun Prime to put in your Cable Card ( that you het...
  14. Satcomer

    Thunderbolt Display Discontuing

    Well the article Start Your Speculation Engines Apple it's Thunderbolt Display hopefully we will see a replacement.
  15. Satcomer

    Apple's New Format Apfs

    Everyone should read the blog post Tech101: Explaining The New Apple File System (APFS). Then tell us why you think this is good move for Apple users.
  16. Satcomer

    Apple Online Services Might Be Screwed

    Patent Troll that Beat Apple now wants Judge to block FaceTime & iMessages. What kind of world are we living in now?
  17. Satcomer

    Warning About Soap!

    After the article Mounting Data Suggests Antibacterial Soaps do More Harm than Good I'm glad I always went for the cheapest hand soaps throughout the years! Then I always went with LavaSoap when working on really dirty/oil machines, etc.
  18. Satcomer

    The Apple Iphone Unlock Controversy

    Well I bet you have heard about news of Apple Resisting the FBI Oder for a software patch well now it seems AppleID password was reset by County Goverment to Government terrorist account and this really strengthens Apple position! I support Apple position in this whole thing! What do you think?
  19. Satcomer

    [how To] Create A Software Raid In El Captain

    One could use a third party software raid application SoftRaid. While that app is good some code money's figured it out via Terminal in the article Create Raid in El Capitan. The ultimate code to use is: diskutil appleRAID create stripe Storage JHFS+ disk2 disk3
  20. Satcomer

    Happy New Year

    Everyone have a Happy New Year! Now with scary articles like New Years Eve Terrorism Security Concern everybody keep safe!