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  1. Oscar Castillo

    SSD upgrade -- a brand-new computer

    Last year I put a 240GB OCZ Vertex 3 in both an Early 2011 MacBook Pro and Dell XPS 15z. The MacBook as already a screamer with the quad Core i7, but once I tried Handbrake, the encodes were blazing fast, like nothing I've seen before.
  2. Oscar Castillo

    Powermac G5 or Mac Pro

    Any Mac Pro even 1st gen will smoke that G5. Save your money.
  3. Oscar Castillo

    Where to Begin Learning Mac Programming?

    Start with Objective-C. I thought "Programming in Objective-C" or the updated "Programming in Objective-C 2.0" by Stephen G. Kochan to be the best for me. There's also "Learn Objective-C on the Mac" by Mark Dalrymple and Scott Knaster. Everything else out there assumes you already are familiar...
  4. Oscar Castillo

    Official MacWorld 2008 Thread

    A minimal Mac Mini setup could stand in as the hub.
  5. Oscar Castillo

    Official MacWorld 2008 Thread

    I like the idea. It would be even better if you can daisy chain additional drives, but I'm really concerned about that since I'm only looking at it as a backup for my MacBook Pro not my Mac Pro.
  6. Oscar Castillo

    Apple Introduces the new Mac Pro 8-Core (Today)

    The PCI-E 2.0 spec is supposed to be backward and forward compatible with 1.0 and 1.1. A 2.0 card would simply run at the lesser spec. These things should not happen on any high-end system.
  7. Oscar Castillo

    Apple Introduces the new Mac Pro 8-Core (Today)

    Nice update. Big mistake not to make the new video cards backward compatible.
  8. Oscar Castillo

    Any way to re-add a menu in IB?

    I don't think he wants a new NSmenu, just the ability to close the app with no other items on the menu at all which he should be able to do with just an NSMenu that has the option to quit. If it's a bug, rather than create a new project from Xcode he can just create a new mainmenu.nib in IB and...
  9. Oscar Castillo

    Any way to re-add a menu in IB?

    In IB3 when I delete the original NSMenu from MainMenu.nib and I add a new NSMenu from the object library it gives me a stripped down menubar with no menu items other than quit application. You don't get this in IB2? I can't recall, but I thought it worked the same before as well.
  10. Oscar Castillo

    Any way to re-add a menu in IB?

    Although I'm using the dev tools under Leopard some things are different, but you brought up something that I may want to do try myself, dynamically add and remove menu items from the menu bar based on how the user navigates. Interface builder has moved things around, so it doesn't work the...
  11. Oscar Castillo

    Any way to re-add a menu in IB?

    You mean you can't instantiate an NSMenu?
  12. Oscar Castillo

    Apple Store down for updates

    I think $400 off is pretty substantial, but not if the track record on refurbs from Apple is problematic. I may decide to go with a 2.2GHz, save a little money and it's new.
  13. Oscar Castillo

    Apple Store down for updates

    I need a MacBook Pro, but I'm going to try and wait until MacWorld. Although I doubt the updates if any would be very significant as to differentiate it from the current line up. At least I try to convince myself that so I can 1 click. Thought about a refurb 15" 2.4GHz, but I've never purchased...
  14. Oscar Castillo

    Apple Store down for updates

    Thought about buying a new MacBook Pro for christmas and check the store recently and it's down. I'm guessing it's something not hardware related, being so close to christmas, but you never know.
  15. Oscar Castillo

    Parallels 3 & Linux

    Has anyone successfully installed either Fedora or Ubuntu? Tried Both, Fedora completely installs then on reboot it goes into a kernel panic. Ubunto doesn't install at all and I get some video corruption in the VM.
  16. Oscar Castillo

    8-Core Mac Pro coming?

    I really would like a Mac Pro, but I'm holding on just a little while longer until I can get it with Leopard. RAM is pricey, but I'm going to start out with 4GB(2x2GB). Cheapest I've seen was about $613US after rebate. I wish they'd release it alongside Apple TV this Tuesday, but it's becoming...
  17. Oscar Castillo

    New Get a Mac Ad

    I think the ads are tired and do nothing to promote the hardware. They really need to refocus on the hardware and less on cute ads that do nothing to show the diversity of the Mac.
  18. Oscar Castillo

    Safari or Firefox?

    I find the opposite to be true. Safari renders much faster than Firefox on my G5. In fact there are times when web pages render incorrectly with Firefox and render just fine with Safari.
  19. Oscar Castillo

    New Apple TV spot (pc virus)

    Pathetic. Apple needs to show Macintosh computers in Macintosh computer commercials. These tired switcher type ads are of absolutely no value when trying to lure potential customers. Show the hardware and show the apps. Many potential buyers would opt for the Mac for iLife alone if they knew...
  20. Oscar Castillo

    BootCamp run Windows on Mac

    Although some may find having both OS X and XP on the same system helpful, myself included, all I can see coming out of this is perhaps a small boost to Mac hardware sales and one more reason for developers not to code OS X native software.