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  1. Chazam

    Does anyone know any more on the Apple cameo on PS3 website? Original Flash Animation: (It's since been changed) Mirror of PS3 image with Apple logo on it: Anyone have any...
  2. Chazam

    Quick iBook HDD Question.

    We've recently got our iBook back from repairs and it seems they've fitted a 60GB HDD instead of a 30GB HDD! :cool: It's this hard disk. Seagate Momentus 5400.2 Model Number:ST960822A Capacity:60 GB Speed:5400 rpm Seek time:12.5 ms avg Interface:Ultra ATA/100 What is the 30GB HDD...
  3. Chazam

    Get Opera 8 Free for today only.

    Couldn't find a thread about this but a friend told me you can get it free as part of the 10 year anniversary celebrations: I've done it already!
  4. Chazam

    iBook G4 HDD replacement possible?

    I had problems with my iBook's HDD making alot of noise and OSX freezing and sometimes efusing to boot. After running the Hardware test CD it confirmed an error with somthing about ATA 100? (Can't exactly remember) Our iBook has an extended warranty so we sent it off to be repaired and i was...
  5. Chazam

    Google problems (virus spyware warning?!?)

    I woke up this morning and tried to search on google and gor an error page: Later on i tried again to get this page: Does anyone have any idea what could be wrong? theres no way that my Installation is infected with any spyware or viruses surely? :( I thought that OSX was virus and...
  6. Chazam

    iBook woes.

    I seem to be having a few problems with my iBook and was wondering if you knew of any fixes or if they can be common problems. 1. Trackpad stops responding. The trackpad seems to cut out whilst i use my iBook and Firefox browser. A USB mouse works fine but i get absolutely no response from...
  7. Chazam

    Pirated mac software on eBay

    I was looking on ebay for mac OSX tiger and came across someone who's selling it for £13.50! I couldn't believe it so i had a look and this is the description: I've informed eBay and was wondering if apple should be informed also? Any way i can contact them? The guy has made a fortune...
  8. Chazam

    iSync & SE P800, P900 compatability

    Hi there. I've won a P800 and a P900 on eBay and was wondering if they're both compatable with iSync? My wife may be keeping the P800 and me the P900. I've never had any problems with previous SE phones (T610, Z600, K700i) so i'm assuming that the PXXX series are okay? Thanks!
  9. Chazam

    Is voice chat over MSN possible? PC<->Mac>

    Someone has asked me if it's possible for someone with a PC and another with a mac to chat over MSN messenger? Any info would be much appreciated! :) If not can you suggest a pc <-> Mac comaptable voice chat app! Thanks!
  10. Chazam

    OSX x86 leaked?

    There are reports that someones leaked ths x86 build of osx I hope they find out who has done this if true! anyone think this is good or bad news for apple?
  11. Chazam

    Hard to get rid of my Windows ways?

    I was just thinking about my "old" days as a windows user, regularly having to re-install windows to get the best performance and have a clean system. My Mac has been running on the same install since i bought it (About the time i jioned these boards) and despite not "having" to re-install...
  12. Chazam

    Unexpected eMac upgrade?

    I've just got the Apple news email and they've upgraded the eMac. I the (UK) Mac Format magazine, there was an article debating weather the emac would be canned. Is this a shock to anyone? New eMac Specs It's made the eMac look very tempting to me! i'm looking at getting an more powerful...
  13. Chazam

    Would my iBook Panther install discs work on other macs?

    I'm thinking of selling my copy of OSX Panther on eBay so i can put it towards getting tiger and was wondering: A: Can you install Panther using the OEM discs for my iBook on other mac's so i can add that info to the auction? And B: Would my iBook restore discs still work under Tiger on...
  14. Chazam

    Installing applications on external drive.

    I have an iBook (specs below) and use an external firewire enclosure to store my iTunes library, some applications and all my games on and was wondering if having my games running from the Firewire drive will degrade performance at all? Also what speed is the HDD in the iBook? Can it compete...
  15. Chazam

    Guide on how to use N-Gage GPRS connection via bluetooth?

    Does anybody know of any guides on how i can use my Nokia N-Gage's GPRS connection via Bluetooth to connect to the internet? If it helps i have n N-Gage QD connected to the O2 UK network. Thanks!
  16. Chazam

    My iBook G4 800MHz

    I'm (rather) new to the mac scene and me and the wife have had this iBook a little under a year. We've enjoyed using it which has made me recently decide to sell my PC and put it towards getting a Mac Mini. Yes we're going 100% Apple. :cool: It all started when we were looking for a Laptop...
  17. Chazam

    USB 2.0 HDD caddy problems

    I'm having trouble with a USB 2.0 HDD caddy that i am using that my brother used to use. He had it connected to his Windows PC and he never had problems with it but it seems to be freezing when using it on my iBook. Any ideas why it would do this? I want to store all my iTunes songs on the HDD...
  18. Chazam

    Want to sell PC for Mac Mini. How much?

    I'm thinking about selling my PC to put towards geting a ma mini and was wondeing if anybody had any ideas what i could get for it? It's spec is as follows: Athlon XP 2100+ Nvidia GeForce 6600 GT AGP 128MB 512MB PC 2700 DDR Memory ePox 8RGA+ Motherboard 80GB IBM Deskstar HDD 32X CD/RW...
  19. Chazam

    Making links open in Firefox instead of safari. how?

    I'm having a problem with entourage (and any other links) opening in Safari Instead of Firefox. Is there a way i can get everything opening in firefox instead of safari? (sorry if this is a n00bish question) Thanks!
  20. Chazam

    Is WEP security good enough for a home wireless network?

    As above. Will it be secure enough for a basic wireless network?