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    Password Vulnerability in new OS X Versions?

    OK, so I've been reading all about build 4K17, in which the root password is NOT the sam as the password you type in. In fact, the only way to get root access is to open NetInfoManager, and forcably delete the encrypted root password and paste in a copy of the encrypted (but known) admin...
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    Interesting bug in the CLI?

    Here's an interesting problem I've found: From the terminal (or other CLI login) run ftp. Now suspend it with ^-Z. Every time you press return from now on, you should be appraised of the fact that ftp is in fact suspended (abnormal). Now, try to resume it with fg. ftp no longer responds...
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    Shell Scripting and C / Shell interactions

    OK, so I'm trying to set up a shell script that tests if TCP is working and then restarts if it is not... Since I need to remotely admin my OS X box and sometimes TCP/sshd dies, having this script running daily as a crontab item would be great. Because then the system would reboot if there is...
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    Darwin or sshd crash? Can't login!

    I have run into a difficult situation here. I am at home, many hundereds of miles away from my OS X box, which I have been administering remotely via ssh for the past few weeks. I rebooted it a few times, to see if everything would work, and it did. The last time I checked uptime...
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    What does Aqua mean to you?

    Two questions now that we've all had a while to play with OS X: 1) How many of you are using Aqua/ dock "as Jobs intended" -- that is, no drives on the desktop (and perhaps nothing else, either), no apple menu hack, using dock space sparingly and docked subfolders for all of...
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    Starting OS X and Aqua command line?

    I've installed Xfree86 on my system, so at times I log in as >console to use the X system without having to go through a VNC or Xtools intermediate. I have one question: If I log in as >console, is there any way to get back to aqua? I'm trying to make a "startaqua" shell script a bit like...