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    Classic destined to fail?

    Has anyone gotten Classic to work for more than a few days at a time? I've had OS X 4k78/release installed on three machines for weeks, and it's always the same: Classic initially works perfectly (I have it configured to launch at boot time). After some period of time, Classic no longer works--...
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    Rebuilding OS X desktop

    OK, I'm not sure that's really what I mean, but... A little background: most OS X applications are "packages"; that is, what seems to be the application icon is really a folder. Inside the folder is the real application and its various resources. I just had another kernal panic with OS X...
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    IE 5.5 kills OS X

    I've spent the weekend playing with 4K78-- and does anyone have the definitive word on whether or not this is the same as the master (aside from the "4k78" text)?-- and it's been pretty disappointing. Apps still launch very slowly, much more so than under OS 9. IE under OS 9 launchs in less...
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    How to burn 4K73?

    OK, I feel like a moron, but how do you burn a copy of the 4K73 disk image? It's a format that DiskCopy in OS X will mount. Unfortunately there's no burner software for OS X. And the latest OS 9 DiskCopy won't mount the image. So how do you do this?